Svein Smedberg

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Svein T. Smedberg
Art portrait with scale model of one of launch vehicle Svein currently working on.
Founder of Aphelia Space Research Nation
In Office office
23 March 2017 - Present
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Incumbent
Born Bangkok, Thailand
Citizenship Horizontalscapeflag.png ASRN
Flag of Zenrax.png Zenrax
-- Stormhold I --.png Stormhold
Residence Southeast asia
Occupation Test engineer
Amateur rocket builder
Profession Aerospace engineering
Digital art

H.G. the Viceroy Lord Svein T. Smedberg, or commonly known as Svein Smedberg is a founding member of Aphelia Space Research Nation and Head of Aphelia Space Agency. Senator of Zenrax, Ministry of Arts and Science of Stormhold and former delegate of Stormhold in Grand Unified Micronational.

Personal life

Svein currently working on propulsion engineering in Southeast Asia aerospace industry as test engineer and participate in science outreach in aerospace related event.


Svein first came to power on the 23 March 2017, with primary goals to building a space micronation with realistic claim and technology. After Svein persuade new career in space sector, ASRN slowly became inactive over the following months and eventually become a part of Compact of Free Association with Zenrax until ASRN's internal activity revived, it resumed the creation of new diplomatic channels, after having already resumed management of its own external affairs since early 2021. This resumption of diplomacy coincided with undisclosed internal projects reaching levels permitting the re-creation of corporations related to the nation's internal interests. Per agreement reached in 2019, ASRN ended its Compact of Free Association with Zenrax (now Stormhold), while retaining the original shared citizen agreement and the original 2017 Agreement on Arts & Sciences Collaboration.

Titles, syles, honours and arms

Throughout his time within the micronational community, Svein has taken on different titles, honors and offices. While gladly accept receiving new titles and honors from several micronation, he prefer to use the name Svein Smedberg over full titles.

ASRN titles

  • Horizontalscapeflag.png Commander (23 March 2017)
  • Horizontalscapeflag.png STL, Specific profession title in ASRN (now discontinue) (23 March 2017)
  • Horizontalscapeflag.png Administrator of Aphelia Space Agency (July 2021)

Foreign Titles