Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell

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Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell
Motto: "Sola Virtus Nobilitat" - Virtue (Valor) Alone Ennobles
Anthem: "Siuil A Run"
CapitalStoney Pointe
Largest cityStoney Pointe
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Thegn
Ser John Marshall
Ser John Marshall
EstablishmentApril 2015
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zonePacific Standard Time

The Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell is an independent feudal micronation ruled by the Thegn of Siar Fordell Ser John Marshall containing several non-congruous land holdings within the United States. Siar Fordell maintains its sovereignty while acknowledging a feudal obligation of military service - though with the US Constitution as liege lord rather than a king.


The Thegn-Hold comes from the holdings of a Thegn - which is the Anglo Saxon title for a Lord (Thegn, or Thane in the Shakespearean spelling.)

Siar Fordell is taken from Fordell Castle in Scotland - the ancestral holdings of Clan Henderson, of whom the Thegn is a sept member. Siar is the Scotch Gaelic for "West" or "Western." As such, Siar Fordell has been taken as the name for all of the various holdings, properties, and estates that make up the Thegn-Hold.

Badge, Flag, and National Symbols

Being an absolute monarchy and feudal holding, the banner of Siar Fordell is the personal badge of the Thegn. The red and silver colors and lion come from the family coat of arms and have been modified for this specific branch of the family. One lion instead of three, standing rampant rather than in leopard, represents the singular line of the Thegn-hold of Siar Fordell. The Crescent moon gripped by the lion has various meanings behind its use. The moon is the heraldic symbol for the second born son, which the Thegn is, and is found of the badge of Clan Henderson. The crescent moon is also the symbol of Islam, and represents the Thegn's personal service in Iraq. The coloring of the moon is "Infantry blue" and denotes service in the Infantry.

Not added to this ensign, but newly awarded to the Thegn's personal coat of arms, is the grizzly and sunburst crest of the California Military Department, as the coat of arms was absent a hereditary crest, and to denote the commission held by the Thegn within the Army of the realm.


The Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell maintains a family seat in a manor home at Stoney Pointe in Southern California and the coastal stronghold of Phoenix West in Southern Alabama, as well as various familial holdings in Florida, Alabama, and Michigan.

While organized and operating as an independent micronation, the Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell is a feudal estate and, as the name implies, consists of the holdings of the Thegn. The goal of Siar Fordell is to increase, improve, and develop these holdings in an efficient and entertaining way. In this regard, Siar Fordell is more in line with an ancient city-state, medieval barony, or a colonial plantation than a full fledged sovereign country with borders and citizens.

As of February 2017 the former Kingdom of Custosia has been integrated into Siar Fordell as a feudal holding and fief. Custosia is located in Long Island and ruled by Edward I as Lord of Custosia


Siar Fordell is an absolute monarchy ruled by a hereditary Thegn. The Thegn maintains either direct ownership of lands and properties within the Thegn-Hold, or receives fealty and tribute - either monetary means or through service, from territories within the influence and reach of the Thegn-Hold.

The Thegn maintains a staff of counselors, including a Steward, High Castellan, Bishop, and Chancellor, who offer wise advice and make decisions in the absence of direct instruction from the Thegn, but all decisions are those of the Thegn directly.

Other positions being developed within the Thegn-Hold are a Master-at-Arms, to fall under the direction of the High Castellan, and a Forester under the direction of the Steward.

The Lady of the Manor has the most influence over Siar Fordell, with the possible exception of the Thegn himself, and often acts as regent when he is called to his military duties elsewhere.


Like any good feudal estate, the economy of Siar Fordell is primarily based on rents from tenants, agriculture, and military service. The Thegn-Hold grows crops, harvests and cures artisan sea salts, and hunts for game all within its own lands or spheres of influence. Internationally, Siar Fordell offers general trade, consulting, financial management, and military service to the United States and the State of California.


The culture of the Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell is based on the Anglo-Saxon, and then Norman, concepts of militaristic feudalism. There is a heavy military influence on day to day life within the Thegn-Hold, and the ideals of duty, honor, courage, courtesy, and gentlemanly behavior are highly thought of. Military service is highly regarded and it is expected in the sons of the noble houses.

National Holidays are based on those of the US Federal holiday calendar and the Judeo-Christian religious calendar, with a few exceptions. Both Catholic and Greek Orthodox Easters are celebrated and there is an emphasis on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. Christmas is by far the most important holiday of the year, and often celebrated by lavish pilgrimages and familial obligations.

Tradition and ceremony play large roles in the society of Siar Fordell, and social status is highly thought of. This social status, however, is not determined solely by wealth or by inherited position, but rather by value to the community and the individual achievement of the citizens. Being a hereditary monarchy, however, inheritance and heritage are not looked upon with disdain, but rather with the idea that one has an obligation to build upon what has come before them, and whatever privilege exists is there in order to drive the heir to greater endeavors. One who squanders their heritage or dishonors their ancestors is thought quite poorly of, no matter their economic or social status.

The Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Clan Henderson Society, and other cultural groups play significant roles in Siar Fordell.


While much of the culture of Siar Fordell is based on military service, the Thegn-Hold itself does not have its own standing military. The Thegn and other noble houses maintain and equip their own household troops and are expected to deploy with them in defense of their territories or when called upon by their liege (either the Thegn, or through sworn oaths to the US Constitution, and bound to those obligations.) The men of the nobility are expected to serve in the military of the United States (much the same as when Prince Rainier of Monaco saw combat as an Infantry Officer in the French Army, and King Abdullah of Jordan attended the British Military Academy at Sandhurst and served with the British Army.) The noble houses and their troops have deployed as part of expeditionary forces to multiple theaters of action, and still stand ready when called upon to do their duty (currently about once a month.) In addition to household troops, the Thegn also leads a company of state forces from the greater realm that have no duties to Siar Fordell.

The Thegn maintains a company of Household troops organized as a light infantry formation. The official march of the Household Infantry is "Ride of the Valkyries"

Individual decorations vary based on the soldier, but warriors from Siar Fordell have been awarded the following campaign credits and citations: Iraqi Campaign Medal (with four campaign stars), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Valorous Unit Citation (with Oak Leaf Cluster), and the Presidential Unit Citation. The Thegn's personal ensign flies streamers from the Iraqi campaign, The Global War on Terror, and the Valorous Unit Citation.