Shiro, Emperor of Zenrax

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Shiro I Mephistopheles
His Excellency, Emperor of Zenrax
Emperor of Zenrax
Reign16 December 2014 – present
PredecessorLord David of Brush Territory
Heir PresumptiveLord Tyranus Mephistopheles
ViceroyLord Svein Smedberg
Ruler of Stormhold
Reign23 June 2014 – present
Senate confirmation16 December 2014
PredecessorLord David of Brush Territory
Heir PresumptiveLord Tyranus Mephistopheles
Governor-GeneralLord Ignatius Mephistopheles
37th Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
In office
1 January 2023 – 1 July 2023
Vice ChairJonathan I
Preceded byJonathan I
Succeeded bySimon White of New Virginia
Prince-Elector of Zenrax to the Holy Roman Empire
Aulic Judge of the HRE
Assumed office
28 September 2019
Aulic Judge: 2 May 2020 – present
Preceded byOffice established
BornShiro Alexander Mephistopheles
March 1991
(33 years, 20 days)
United States of America
Regnal name
Imperial HouseMephistopheles
FatherLord David of Brush Territory
OccupationDoctoral Student

Shiro Mephistopheles is the current ruler of the micronation known as Zenrax, having held the post of Emperor since his election in December 2014, and confirmed for a second five-year term in 2019.. Also the reigning ruler of Stormhold, he has extensive experience in the community under past aliases. Aside from this, he has served as the Master of the Order of the Rose since its founding in the summer of 2003.

Outside of Zenrax, he served in a variety of roles within the Grand Unified Micronational as Zenrax's primary delegate, most recently as Chair during the first half of 2023. After an exceptionally quiet term for the organization (excepting its initial weeks), he was succeeded there by Simon White of New Virginia in July 2023. Outside of the GUM, he represents Zenrax as a Prince-Elector in the Holy Roman Empire, having acted as Vice Chancellor, and, currently, as its Aulic Judge. He also represents Zenrax in other, minor, organizations to maintain its online presence in the community outside of its internal circles.

The Emperor, in his own personal capacity, occasionally takes on roles in other micronations. including as President of the Privy Council of Vishwamitra, where he regularly advised their monarch on matters of leadership and state, until passing the office to Phillip Joseph Pillin. Emperor Shiro has also formerly held roles with varying responsibilities in micronations such as Dracul, Abelden, and Austenasia (as the Minister of Defense and, in 2023, as Consul). Notably, he served as the principal advisor and, for a brief term, a co-leader in Aphelia before it joined Zenrax in 2022. He also holds honorary citizenship in Wyvern due to diplomatic services in the past.


Zenraxian honours

Former honours
  • Order of the Dragon (functionally defunct since 2016)

Other honours

Former honours
State honours