Monarchy of Zenrax

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Emperor of Zenrax
Shiro I
Heir presumptiveTyranus Mephistopheles, Lord of Eisengard
First monarchLord David of Brush Territory (c. 1999-2014)
retroactively proclaimed
Formationc. Winter 1999

The Monarchy of Zenrax is an office within the Imperial Federation of Zenrax in the form of an executive monarchy in which the position is elected or confirmed by the Senate from an eligible pool of candidates once every five years. The current incumbent is Shiro, who is a co-founder of Zenrax (one of seven such individuals). The current monarch is also concurrently the Ruler of Stormhold, a position inherited by election from an eligible pool of candidates from the House of Mephistopheles (of which there are three, as of 2023). The heir presumptive is Tyranus Mephistopheles, Lord of Eisengard, who co-founded Zenrax and remains an important member of Stormhold's nobility.

While the role of Emperor of Zenrax is constitutional, the office has seen considerable waxing and waning in its power and authority, according to the prevailing needs of the country's population and the capability of its government in terms of self-direction. The Emperor rules at the pleasure of the Imperial population, as represented by the Senate. Therefore, he may be impeached by unanimous vote and replaced, or voted out in the quintennial election, the next taking place in December 2024.

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Number Image Name Lifespan (Age) Reign (Years) House Coat of Arms
1 image not available Lord David of Brush Territory 1960 - 2014
(54 years, 173 days)
1999 - 2014
14 years, 180 days
House of Mephistopheles
2 Shiro 1991 -
(33 years, 110 days)

9 years, 210 days
House of Mephistopheles