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Kingdom of Dragos
Coat of arms
Motto: N/A
Anthem: N/A
Official languagesEnglish (de facto)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Thomas M.
• Prime Minister (Provisional)
Horatio Eden
Establishment10 December 2018
• Census
Time zoneJST

Dragos, officially the Kingdom of Dragos, is a non-territorial micronation-state based around the MicroWiki sector. An offshoot of the Federation of Zenrax, Dragos was founded by Shiro, Nicholas Kaos, Michael Onff, and Ned Gunderson (before his sudden departure shortly after). The Kingdom's official date of founding was 10 December 2018, marked by the establishment of a Discord server by its original founders to serve as a virtual government headquarters.

The country is led by the King of Dragos, whose office is the theoretical source of all sovereignty and functions as the head of the executive. The king appoints certain top-level officers of the central government's bureaucracy, namely the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The king also has reserve powers typical in most constitutional monarchies, such as royal assent (or veto), and in extreme cases the power to call for fresh elections in the case of a full government shutdown.

Legislative power is held by a unicameral legislature known simply as the Senate. The Senate also appoints the Cabinet (with key exceptions). This body currently consists of provisionally appointed members, with plans for election in the future. Furthermore, the Senate may, at its own discretion, nominate a senator to be appointed Prime Minister; the Prime Minister leads the Cabinet and works to facilitate co-operation between the Senate, Government and monarch.

Since its foundation, Dragos has been based around the MicroWiki Community. Dragosian relations with other micronations are handled through both the Ministry of Truth, responsible for the country's image and presence in the community, and a team of ambassadors under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who conduct formal diplomacy with more developed nations. During a brief period at its peak, Dragos held informal relations with Austenasia, and is currently an observer state in the Grand Unified Micronational.

However, the nation rapidly declined in early 2019. By June 2019, it had once again been supplanted by Zenrax, as the latter had a major revival later that same year. Before Dragos went defunct, its sovereign transferred the old Order of the Rose back to Zenraxi hands. The only vestige of Dragos was left to its Sovereign in the form of the (nominally sovereign) Order of the Rose, which attained nominal independence from Zenrax's own fate, preventing its dissolution upon the latter's own permanent fall into inactivity in early 2021. The polity later reorganized under a new leader into another offshoot known as the Imperial Principality of Stormhold in June 2021.


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