Taiwanese Micronational Community

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Taiwanese Micronational Community
Intermicronational organisation
Flag of the TMC.png

Headquarters Yixian Special City ,Republic of ChungNing

Official language Chinese

Membership 16 full members, 0 observers, 2 trust territory

Chairman Zhen-Wen Tsai

– Foundation of the United Peace Micronations 26 July 2016
– Reform to the Micronations Co-prosperity Treaty Organization 1 January 2018
- Change name to Taiwanese Micronational Community 22 January 2019

Offical site

The Taiwanese Micronational Community (Traditional Chinese: 福爾摩沙微國家共同體), commonly abbrieviated as the TMC, is the largest intermicronational organization in Taiwan. It is sometimes referred to as the "United Nations of the Taiwanese Micronations ". The TMC is committed to promoting countries on national peace, political rights, humanity, democracy and maintaining intermicronational peace and cultural exchange.


TMC was formed by Karussier,Chrisland,Castille-Portugal in 26 July 2016,and was called the United Peace Micronations.At first, it is for to contend League of Taiwanese Micronations formed by Wasillia.After the fall of the League,United Peace Micronations become a normal micronational organization. On 1 January 2018,after each nations signed the Micronations Co-prosperity Treaty , the organization reform to the Micronations Co-prosperity Treaty Organization. Number of members grew up to 14. on 1 January 2019,to build a organization from only Taiwanese micronations, the Micronations Co-prosperity Treaty Organization changed its name to Taiwanese Micronational Community.It has became a indicator organization of the Chinese micronations.


Full members

There are currently 16 full member states. They are:

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Notes
Flag of Karussier.png Duchy Of Karussier 22 May 2016 Chrissier Founder of the Taiwanese Micronational Community
Flag of Chrisland.png Republic of Chrisland 26 Jul 2016 Chrismea(de jure),Coirhanvo(de facto) Co-founder of the Taiwanese Micronational Community
Flag of Yutang.jpg Republic of Yutang 23 Oct 2016 Zhongjing City N/A
Flag of ChungNing.png Republic of ChungNing 1 Jan 2018 Yixian N/A
Flag of Stone.png Republic of Stone 1 Jan 2018 Stone-ailong Co-founder of the Taiwanese Micronational Community
Flag of Devac Phozaqen.jpg United States of Devac Phozaqen 1 Jan 2018 Ghozac Planis N/A
Flag of Casuarina.png Republic of Casuarina 1 Feb 2018 Ssu-chiang Special City N/A
Flag of Wealthford.jpg Republic of Wealthford 14 Feb 2018 Has no cities N/A
Flag of Rakrmir.jpg Kingdom of Rakrmir 17 Mar 2018 Royal City N/A
Flag of Rushwell.png Principality of Rushwell 21 Aug 2018 New Reading N/A
Flag of ZhungZheng.png Republic of ChungCheng 15 Apr 2018 ChungCheng City N/A
Flag of Hemir.png Hemir Empire 14 Jan 2019 Limanitispolis N/A
Flag of Tairan.png Republic of Tairan 1 Jul 2019 Zarklovina N/A
Flag of Baijania.png Federal Republic of Baijania 25 Jul 2019[1] Haryana·Zabrze City N/A
圖林堡國旗.png Republic of Thruinburg 2 Sep 2019 Thruinburg Central Region N/A
Flag of Sinhankon.png Republic of Sinhankon 17 Aug 2019 NewHan City N/A


There are currently 0 observer:

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Notes

Trust Territory

There are currently 2 trust territory:

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Notes
Democratic Republic of Junhong.jpg Democratic Republic of Junhong 2 May 2018 Junhong City N/A
Flag of Kingdom of Castille-Portugal.jpg Kingdom of Castille-Portugal 22 May 2016 N/A N/A


  1. 拜然聯邦共和國. 福爾摩沙微國家共同體.