Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan

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Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan
華江斯坦君憲國 (Chinese)
Flag of Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan
Coat of arms of Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan
Coat of arms
Motto: 蒙神庇佑,華江斯坦終成樂土
Anthem: Fluttering the Banner of the Federation is
and largest city
Central University City
Other languages
• Head of state
Ling-cen Zhang
• Federal Chief Executive
Sheng-Ya Li
LegislatureNational Ruling Council
• Foundation
April 29, 2019
• 2023 census
CurrencyNew Taiwan dollar (NTW)
Time zoneHuajiang Standard Time
This nation is a member of the Taiwanese Micronations Alliance

Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan (Taiwanese Mandarin: 華江斯坦君憲國;commonly known as Huajiangstan) is a Micronation located in Taiwan, which implements hereditary monarchy and federalism. Most of the currently controlled areas are located in Sanxia District, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, and Yangmei District, Taoyuan City, the Republic of China. There are also some The territory is located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The supreme head of Huajiangstan is the national leader of Huajiangstan, which is hereditary; the federal ruling palace led by the federal chief executive is the center of Huajiangstan's government. The federal capital is Central University City, which is also the seat of the Royal Palace. At present, the actual population of the Huajiangstan Federation is six people, with Chinese and Malay as the main ethnic groups in the country, and Chinese, English, Malay, Hakka, Hokkien, and Bunun as the national parallel languages.

Country names

The full name of the Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan is "His Majesty the Supreme Head of State and the Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan under his feet", but it is usually shortened to "Huajiangstan"; the full name of the country in Chinese is "華江斯坦君憲國" Abbreviated as C.M.S.O.H.

During the period of "Former Wang Jinping Little Fox Garden Empire", Huajiang Stan was once called "Fox Garden".

The origin of the country's name Huajiangstan is formed by taking "Hua" from Taiwan's National Overseas Chinese High School(Chinese:華僑高中), taking "Jiang" from Dahan River—a river in New Taipei City, and "Stan". This country name was approved by the whole country in the second constitution in October 2021.


Chronology of Huajiangstan.

Empire-Republic (2019-2021)

The predecessor of Huajiangstan can be traced back to April 19, 2019, a "simulated republic regime" established to prepare for the entrance examination. Later, the regime was reorganized into the "German Fourth Reich Regime" after the entrance examination, and began to establish an official website and a constitution wait. After a short period of republican regime and imperial revival, the country will be suspended around the end of 2020.

In 2021, due to the "intervention incident of the International Political Party Alliance", the country restarted operations. After the reconstitution in May of that year, the "German Fourth Reich" was renamed "Wang Jinping Little Fox Park Empire" on July 9, 2021.

Before 2021, people in Huajiangstan did not know the concept of "Micronations" and did not communicate with other Micronations in Taiwan.

First King Period (2021.07.09-2021.10.11)

In July 2021, shortly after the establishment of the imperial government, due to the slow development of the country, the royal family ordered the dissolution of the cabinet government and parliament, and the formulation of a republican constitution. Although Huajiangstan had diplomatic activities at this time, due to the chaotic international situation in the Taiwan community at that time, it did not establish diplomatic relations with any country. On October 11, 2021, the Republican Constitution passed the review, and the scattered federal territories were restored to unity. The Islamic Federal Republic of Huajiangstan officially entered the Taiwan Micronation community as Micronations.

Federal Republic Period (2021.10.11-2023.01.22)

On January 23, 2022, the Islamic Federal Republic of Huajiangstan officially implemented the Constitution.

On January 24, 2022, the Zarklovina Mutual Defense Organization was formally established.

On February 28, 2022, Huajiangstan and Wriglia Empire signed the "Ossenburg Treaty".

On March 30, 2022, the de-Islamization referendum was passed, and the name of the country was revised to "Federal Republic of Huajiangstan".

On May 4, 2022, the Federal Republic of Huajiangstan signed a military mutual assistance treaty with the Federation of Conewiwa and New Hanchih.

On June 30, 2022, the Federal Republic of Huajiangstan, the Republic of Tairan, and the Federation of the Empire of Letania held talks and signed a memorandum of reconciliation.

On July 15, 2022, the Federal Republic of Huajiangstan was declared a neutral country.

On August 27, 2022, the royal family of United Eurovia visited the Federal Republic of Huajiangstan.

On January 23, 2023, the Federal Republic of Huajiangstan was renamed the Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan.

Constitutional Monarchy (2023.01.23-now)

On January 31, 2023, war broke out in the Niastan mandate.

National Symbol


The flag of the Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan.

The national flag of the Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan is based on yellow; the three yellow colors of orange, dark yellow, and khaki are on the right and symbolize foxes, lust, and land; the Islamic star and moon emblem is on the upper left, and the stars are adjusted to four corners to symbolize the founding of the country The four first-level administrative regions of "Central University City, Sanxia Prefecture, Kanjiao Prefecture, and Amping County". On October 11, 2021, after the "former Wang Jinping Little Fox Park Empire" entered the Islamic Federal Republic of Huajiangstan, the Chief Executive Office of the Interim Government adopted this flag as the national flag of Huajiangstan, and it is still in use today.

Country's Territory Fox Lust Land Islamic Moon
RGB 239,228,176 255,127,39 255,242,0 216,188,58 255,201,14
CMYK 0,5,26,6 0,50,85,0 0,5,100,0 0,13,73,15 0,21,95,0
Hexadecimal #efe4b0 #ff7f27 #fff200 #d8bc3a #ffc90e
HSL 50-66-81 24-100-58 57-100-50 49-70-54 47-100-53

National Emblem

National Emblem of Huajiangstan.

The national emblem of the Constitutional Monarchy State of Huajiangstan is not divided into large and small national emblems like many sovereign states, but only one national emblem. The national emblem of Huajiangstan refers to the design of the Federation of Malaya. The two Malayan tigers on the left and right are painted in the color of Minecraft foxes. The upper part of the shield in the middle is the Islamic star and moon. The three grids of rivers below the shield symbolize the longest river in China, the "Dahan River", The fox symbolizes the "former Wang Jinping's little fox garden regime", and purple is the representative color of the "Fourth Reich"; the three colors in the middle symbolize the influence of Germany on the country; the five osmanthus bamboo shoots on the upper layer show the basic value of the country: Peace, coexistence, goodwill, joint defense, and cooperation.

The current version is designed by the Chief Executive Office of the Interim Government in October 2021, and the National Day special version is designed by Mr. Xiaozhu, the leader of the Tataki Republic.

National Motto

Huajiangstan's national motto is "Blessed by God, Huajiangstan will eventually become a paradise", so it is abbreviated as "Blessed by God, Huajiangstan". The national motto of Huajiangstan was enacted by the Chief Executive Office of the Interim Government in October 2021.


Huajiangstan implements Huajiangstan's characteristic democratic system. According to the "Constitution of the Federal Republic of Huajiangstan" issued in March 2022, Huajiangstan is a mixed Micronation with a federal system and a constitutional monarchy. In Huajiangstan, His Majesty Sultan Muhammad I, the head of Central University City, is the supreme head of state, and the supreme head of state is a hereditary system after the constitution is amended. The Supreme Head of State presides over the Imperial Council, and exercises powers according to the suggestion of the Federal Chief Executive Officer, and has the power to appoint the Chief Executive Officer, announce the end of martial law, and conduct Islamic religious trials; the Supreme Head of State is also the Nominal Supreme Commander of the Huajiangstan Armed Forces.

The executive power and legislative power of Huajiangstan are in the hands of the executive members of the federal ruling palace appointed by the supreme head of state.

Prince Escatil Li Sheng-ya is the current chief executive officer of the Federation.

Order Title Reign Title Photo Birthday Enthroned Crown Abdicate
1 Escatil I Reign title not used 2003.11.14 2019.08.01 2019.08.01 2020.09.01

(397 days in office)

2. Mohammed I Reign title not used 2002.09.14 2021.10.27 2021.10.27 Incumbent

Huajiangstan's federal system guarantees equality among the three provinces and three colonies. In terms of local politics, each province, state and county has its own local government, which shares ruling power with the central federal government.

Huajiangstan Central Federal Government

The Central Federal Government of Huajiangstan is the highest administrative, legislative and examination center in the country. It consists of the Federal Chief Executive Officer, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Colonial Affairs, the Department of Culture, the Central Government Information Office, the Gender Equality Committee, the Central Bank and the Examination Center.

Federal chief executive

The Chief Executive Officer of the Huajiangstan Federation is a role that Huajiangstan actually holds the three powers of administration, legislation and examination. The procedure is that it is held once a year and is not democratically elected. It is completely appointed and dismissed by the head of state. Since the founding of Huajiangstan, the consul and similar roles have shared power with the head of state. Since the founding of Huajiangstan, there has only been one federal chief executive, namely Li Shengya, Prince of Escatil.

Order Photo Name Term of office Political party Job title
Huajiangstan's successive chief executives
Li Sheng-ya 2019.04.19 2021.04.19 No party Acting Chief Executive
730 days
Li Sheng-ya 2021.04.19 2021.10.29 Royalist Archon
193 Days
Li Sheng-ya 2021.10.30 2021.11.19 Huajiang Hezbollah Chief Executive of the Interim Government
20 Days
Acting position
Xiao Jing-he 2021.11.19 2021.11.20 Huajiang Hezbollah Chief Executive of the Interim Government
1 Days
Li Sheng-ya 2021.11.20 2022.01.22 Huajiang Hezbollah Chief Executive of the Interim Government
63 Days
Li Sheng-ya 2022.01.23 2022.05.08 Huajiang Hezbollah Federal Chief Executive
105 Days
Acting position
Wu You-qian 2022.05.09 2022.05.14 Northern Cross Party Federal Chief Executive
6 Days
Li Sheng-ya 2022.05.14 2022.05.14 Huajiang Hezbollah Federal Chief Executive
253 Days
Li Sheng-ya 2023年01月23日 現任 Huajiang Hezbollah Federal Chief Executive

Palace Tribunal

The predecessor of the Palace Tribunal was the Supreme Court of Adjudication of Huajiangstan, which is the highest judicial supervision institution of Huajiangstan, directly subordinate to the National Palace. The function of the Palace Tribunal is to hear cases of unconstitutionality, violations of federal laws and to monitor the operation of the federal government; in addition, the Tribunal will also support the judicial trials of international organizations, international courts and other political entities.

Armed Forces of Huajiangstan

The Armed Forces of Huajiangstan are responsible for defending the integrity and sovereignty of Huajiangstan's territory, responding to all possible threats at any time; maintaining public order in the event of internal turmoil in the country.

Diplomatic relations

Huajiangstan currently has 34 diplomatic relations with countries and participates in 5 international organizations, mainly located in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Currently Huajiangstan serves as the general convener of the Zarklovina Mutual Defense Organization, the statistical information country of the Taiwanese Micronations Alliance, and the permanent member of the Chinese Micronations Community.


Huajiangstan once designated "Minato Aqua" as the national saint, and every December 1, when Minato Aqua's birthday is a national holiday, but it has been abolished in 2023.

In addition, Islam was once established as the state religion, but there is no state religion at present, and a policy of tolerance is also adopted for religion.


Huajiangstan has not set a national language, and Chinese, Hakka, Hokkien, Bunun, English and Malay are commonly used in the country. In recent years, the government has paid more and more attention to the preservation of language and culture, treating all languages equally, but foreign documents mainly use Chinese and Malay.


The most mainstream news in Huajiangstan is mainly "The Official Newspaper Of Huajiangstan" published by the Central Government Information Office on a weekly basis. In addition, there are also "Gangning Monthly" and "Huajiang Minsheng Daily" published by the private sector. People in Huajiangstan can also read "Wenwen News", "Stone Daily", "Chrisland Times" and "Hetian Daily" through social software.

Huajiangstan's Newspaper.