Republic of Chrisland

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Republic of Chrisland
克里斯蘭共和國 (Chinese)
Flag of Republic of Chrisland
Coat of arms of Republic of Chrisland
Coat of arms
Motto: 同心協力,安危與共
Anthem: Forward! 前進,揮舞十字旗 (English: Waving the Cross Flag)
Location of Republic of Chrisland
and largest city
Other languages
• President
Yi-Xin Chu
• Prime Minister
Ching-Yiu Lim
• Speaker of Parliament
Yowin Zung
LegislatureChrisland Parliament
• Foundation
1 September 2015
• 2020 census
CurrencyNew Taiwan dollar (NTW)
Chrisland creal (¢)
Time zoneChrisland Standard Time
IMSO 1 codeCLD
This nation is a member of the Taiwanese Micronations Alliance

Chrisland (/krɪslænd/; Taiwanese Mandarin: Kè-lǐ-Sī-lán), officially the Republic of Chrisland (Taiwanese Mandarin: 克里斯蘭共和國), is a micronation in East Asia enclaved by Taiwan. Its territory is mainly comprised of the regions of Coirhanvo (菜園窩), Teufushang (豆腐城) and Bukit Woodland (武吉霧闌). Mountain ranges dominate the geography of the northern two-thirds of its territory, while plains dominate the southern third. The total area of Chrisland is 0.29 square kilometres.

Chrisland is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic with its administrative capital in Coirhanvo. Today Chirsland remains one of East Asia’s most influential micronations, with considerable economic, cultural, and political influence in the community. It is a member of the Taiwanese Micronations Alliance(TMA), Yat-sen Treaty Organization, International Assembly of Micronations(IAMN), Union of Micronations, East Asia Micronations Treaty Organisation, and the Micronation Innovative Development Organisation.


Feudal Chiefdom Period (2009–2015)

The history of Chrisland can be traced back to the period of the three kingdoms of Xi (希國) , Zeng (曾國) , and Liu (劉國) in the second half of 2009, which was composed of classmates on campus. The concept of state does not have much overlap. It took the later QingTongTang (清統黨) and the Papilon dynasty of the Principality of Hill (希爾公國巴彼崙朝) to gradually form the concept of Micronations consciousness, and the influence of the active population at this stage was not until 2015 when it entered the Sudan period. With a leading position, they are one of the important contributors to the founding of the country in the establishment of the Kingdom of Sudan (蘇丹王國) and the establishment of Chrisland.

The Sudan period began in early 2015. At this time, the original princes and nobles of the Principality of Hill, the Toppot Poisonous Spices Imperial (胖達人毒香料皇族國) and their peers with republican ideas gathered together. The Republicans used the "War Research Society" (戰爭研究社) as the group banner, and later restructured into the constitutional monarchy Dashun Kingdom (大順王國), and part of the original royal family thought of the existence of the North Sudan in the world at that time. The first "Kingdom of South Sudan" (南蘇丹王國) was established as a prelude to the official Micronation, but during the period due to the corruption of the feudal system, the political situation was chaotic and the princes changed frequently. Jian also overthrew the previous dynasty and established a new national title. At this time, the "Chris Group" (克里斯集團) among the republicans who made paper airplanes established the Empire of Chris (克里斯帝國) in the chaos. The term finally appeared in the historical chronology in 2015, and then the banner of Chris and the cross flag was raised among the Republicans.

Chrisland Period (2015~present)

On September 1, 2015, the "The Provisional Government of Chrisland" (克里斯蘭臨時政府) led by the Republicans was established. From here to early 2016, due to the school's strict prohibition on secret associations, the provisional government operated more than the Internet and after-school time. In the spring of 2016, under the unified form of the Provisional Government, there were still supporters of the restoration of the royal power and the old nobles. At the end of February, under the control by the Chrissia Military Junta (克里西亞軍政府) and Chrismia Military Junta (克里斯米亞軍政府), the provisional government was disbanded, and the remnants of the government were reorganized. For the Provisional Government of Chrismea (克里斯米亞臨時政府). Due to long-term disputes with the previous Sudan, the members of the various camps finally announced the establishment of the "Chrisland Republic" by the Republicans on March 27. During this period, the old royal family came forward to briefly reform the principality, and the royal family returned to the republic after returning to power. It is known as the First Republic in history. On 17 May 2017, After the civil war and Empire's rule, Chrisland returned to the republic, which call the Second Republic as we know it today.

Flags Government Period Description
Start date End date Duration
The Provisional Government 1 September 2015 February 2016 4 months N/A
Military Junta February 2016 March 2016 1 month 克里斯米亞軍政府 Chrismia Military Junta
克里西亞軍政府 Chrissia Military Junta
One Day Republic 27 March 2016 27 March 2016 1 day N/A
Principality of Chrisland 27 March 2016 23 April 2016 27 days N/A
First Republic 23 April 2016 21 November 2016 6 months N/A
United Kingdom of Chrisland 21 November 2016 December 2016 1 month N/A
Civil War 21 November 2016 1 March 2017 3 months 克里斯蘭民主共和國(北方政府) Democratic Republic of Chrisland(Northern Gov)
克里斯蘭共和國(南方政府) Republic of Chrisland(Southern Gov)
Empire of Chrisland 17 February 2016 14 May 2017 2 months N/A
Second Republic 15 May 2017 Now 4 years N/A


Republic of Chrisland is located in Zhudong Township ,Hsinchu County,Taiwan. The capital Coirhanvo is over the West of Zhudong.

The biggest city also de facto capital of Chrisland is Coirhanvo Region (菜園窩大區),which between Teufushang Region (豆腐城大區) and Bukit Woodland Region (武吉霧闌大區) They are also surrounded by Zhudong Township.

Districts Map of Chrisland in 2021.

Administrative Regions

Republic of Chrisland is divided into Regions (大區) and Administrative Bureau (管理局).

Level 1 Level 2
大區 dà-chu (3)
shì (2)
jie (11)
Administrative Bureau
管理局 guǎn-lǐ-jú (1)

Administrative Regions of Republic of Chrisland
Flag Name population Area (km2) Establishment Note
菜園窩 Choiranvo 22 0.08 22 May 2020 There are 2 cities and 3 districts under Choiranvo Region.
(克里斯米亞 Chrismea, 奧克勒斯 Ocerlus, 埔底 Pudi, 油車窩 Rhiuchavo, 菜園窩 Choiranvo)
豆腐城 Teufushang 13 0.09 22 May 2020 There are 4 districts under Teufushang Region.
(曉江 Hsiaochiang, 橋頭 Chiaotou, 舊社 Giusha, 豆腐城 Teufushang)
武吉霧闌 Bukit Woodland 5 0.12 22 May 2020 There are 4 districts under Bukit Woodland Region.
(坭橋 Nichiao, 涼山 Rayax, 水崎 Mizusaki, 武吉霧闌 Bukit Woodland)
樹杞林 Shugina 0 0.27 22 May 2020 There are 8 districts under Shugina Administrative Bureau.
(石牌 Shihpai, 川端 Kawabata, 榮樂 Rhunglog, 林廠 Linchong, 赤瓦磚 Radbrick, 頭前溪沙洲群 Teucienhai Sandbanks)

Government and politics


Legislative power is held by the unicameral Parliament. Its have 7 seats are elected to public office every two years, and convene regularly to pass laws, establish domestic and foreign policies, appoint new members of the assembly, and discuss and approve government's plans.

Constituent parties

Party Logo Party Leader Membership Ideology Foundation Seats in Parliament
自由黨 The Liberal Party
Ching-Yiu Lim 17 Progressivism
Social liberalism
Taiwanese nationalism
13 May 2017
5 / 7
激進民主黨 Radical Democratic Party
Ting-Xuan Lee 9 Progressivism
Taiwan independence
2 February 2021
1 / 7
國民新政 New Nationalist Party
Jia-Cheng Chiang 4 Conservatism
Three Principles of the People
1 November 2021
1 / 7

Foreign relations

Nations unilaterally recognized by Chrisland

Micronations unilaterally recognized by Chrisland

Diplomatic Relations

Chrisland have established diplomatic relations with 69 Micronations (As of September 2021), check here to see Diplomatic Relations of Chrisland

Participation in International Organizations

  • Taiwanese Micronations Alliance
  • Intermicronational
  • International Assembly of Micronations
  • Taiwanese Association of Micronations
  • Yat-sen Treaty Organization
  • Union of Micronations
  • East Asia Micronations Treaty Organisation
  • Micronation Innovative Development Organisation

Recognition refused


Holiday Date Purpose
元旦 New Year's Day January 1 To celebrate the new year
二次革命紀念日 Second Revolution Day March 20 To commemorate the Second Revolution of Chrisland
開國紀念日 Founding day of Chrisland March 27 To celebrate the day Chrisland's Republic Government founded
內戰終止紀念日 End of Civil War Memorial Day March 28 To commemorate the end of Civil War
國旗日 Flag Day April 10 To celebrate the day Chrisland's flag was designed
五月革命紀念日 May Revolution Day May 5 To celebrate the Revolution of Chirsland
和平紀念日 Peace Memorial Day May 14 To celebrate Peace
赤變紀念日 Liberation Day June 9 To celebrate Chrisland defeat the Wassilia Socialist People's Republic
仲夏節 Summer Solstice June 20 To celebrate The Summer
獨立日 Independence Day September 1 To celebrate Chrislands Independence
內戰紀念日 Civil War Memorial Day December 2 To commemorate the Civil War
文化日 Cultural Day December 12 To celebrate Chrislands Culture

National Symbols

National Flag

The Flag of Chrisland also called 黃底十字旗 ("Yellow And Black Cross Flag'') is the national flag of Chrisland. It was first used in the Empire of Chris in 2015, and It has the status of the national flag since the opening of the Interim Government.

The colors approximation in other color spaces are listed below:

National flag of Chrisland.

Color scheme
Yellow Black
RGB 255-217-102 38-38-38
Hexadecimal #FFD966 #262626
CMYK 0, 15, 60, 0 0, 0, 0, 85

Coat of Arms

Chrisland used the lesser arms as the national emblem during the provisional government. Later, after the establishment of the Principality, he changed to the national emblem of the Principality of Sealand as the base. When entering the Second Republic, he used the Estonian coat of arms as the base and changed the color to the yellow lion emblem on black. After the formulation of the new constitution in 2021, the national emblem was revised to the cross shield emblem of the provisional government and the shield frame was re-adjusted. This is different from the previous single coat of arms. It was manipulated by the Cabinet Office and used relevant elements of heraldry to make a major national emblem. In the version of, the great national emblem is centered on the escutcheon, from left to right, the flags of the Kingdom of Tuchiu (土丘王國), the Kingdom of Sudan (蘇丹王國), the Principality of Hill (希爾公國), and the Toppot Poisonous Spices Imperial (胖達人毒香料皇族國) are the supporters. Above the shield, from left to right. On the right are arranged with Coirhanvo (菜園窩),Teufushang (豆腐城), Bukit Woodland (武吉霧闌) and Shugina (樹杞林) Vulcan shields. Below the shield is a ribbon inlaid with the national motto: "同心協力,安危與共 Together we aspire, Together we achieve." as the base.

Coat of arms of Republic of Chrisland
greater coat of arms lesser arms

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