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מדינת אכזיב
Flag of Akhzivland
• President for life
Eli Avivi (deceased)
• First Lady
Rina Avivi [1]
• Declared
• Estimate
1-2 (2020)
Time zoneUTC+2 (Israel Standard Time)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+3 (Israel Summer Time)

Akhzivland is a micronation between Nahariya (a city in Israel) and the Lebanese border on the Israeli west coast. The state was declared in 1971 by Eli Avivi l but was founded in 1972. The micronation is promoted by the Israel Ministry of Tourism even though its legal status remains ambiguous.

The micronation is located near the ruins of Achziv , an ancient settlement on the Mediterranean coast in the Western Galilee, about 5.5 kilometers north of Nahariya. A national park, field school, and the ruins of the Palestinian village of Az-Zeeb that is located nearby, the region was captured by the Carmeli Brigade during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War shortly before the Israel won the war.

Basic history

Akhzivland is the brainchild of Eli Avivi, an Iranian-born Jew, whose family moved to the British territory of Palestine (which was declared the Israeli state in 1948) in the 1930s. In 1952, Eli Avivi settled at the ruined village of Akhziv, which was destroyed during the Arab-Israeli wars, and started to illegally construct a number of huts. Some of these huts were torn down by the Israeli government in 1970, but before all the buildings were demolished, Avivi proclaimed the territory the independent state of Akhzivland.

Avivi subsequently brought the Israeli government to trial, which created quite some attention in the Israeli media. Surprisingly, Avivi succeeded and the court ruled to lease Avivi the area of 10,000 m2 for 99 years. Despite the legal victory, the legal status of the micronation remained in ambiguity.

Ever since its creation under Avivi's ideals of pacifism and freedom, the “nation” has been peaceful. Akhzivland is the only “country” in the Middle East that has never been engaged in any military conflict. As of 2011, the micronation had a total population of two, plus a couple of dogs and cats, as well as many domestic and international tourists, who sleep at Akhzivland's camping ground and several guest rooms.

The country even features a small “national museum,” as well as the unique opportunity of getting a passport stamp from Akhzivland. Over the years, the micro nation has even attracted several celebrities and politicians such as Shimon Peres (Israeli President & former Prime Minister) and Sofia Loren among others.

Akhzivland still exists to this day, as Rina Avivi leading, due to her taking control of the property.

Recognized by

Akhzivland is not officially recognized by any country; however, it was recognized by the Israeli court, although Israel does not officially recognize Akhzivland.


1.^ Technically in control of the micronation, as she inherited the property once Eli died.

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