Federation of Monreinava

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Federation of Monreinava
Monreinavaská Federace
Coat of arms
Motto: Vždy věrný
Semper fidelis
Anthem: Sláva naší vlasti nám patří
The glory of the homeland belongs to us.
CapitalFederal Capital Territory
Largest cityCommonwealth of Hanzgova (Area)
Official languages
Recognised regional languages
Ethnic groups
Han Chinese and Malays
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and folk religion
GovernmentFederal parliamentary directorial republic with elements of a direct democracy
• President
Jing-Yong Zheng
Cheng-You Jiang
Chi-Yang Lee
Tsai-An Zhuang
Wei-Hong Lin
Cheng-You Jiang
Federal Sovereign Council
National Assembly
• 2023 census
CurrencyCommon Koruna ($)
Time zoneUTC +8, been called as Federal Standard Time
UTC +0, been called as Western Standard Time
Calling code+886, +852, +61 and +44
Internet TLD.uk (De fato)

The Federation of Monreinava, otherwise referred to as Monreinava and Conewiwa and New Hanchih, which is a Federal Country that located in East Asia and Europe and consisting of multiple non-contiguous pieces of land, the capital city of the Federation is the Federal Capital Territory, which is a political subdivision that located in the east-north of the country , and it's the member of Union State of the Republics.

Government and politics

Presidency of the Republic

Government and Cabinet

Grand Council

Federal Court

Citizens' Consultative Conference

Political Parties

Political subdivisions

Foreign Relations

Dipomatic Allies

International Participate

Society and Culture


National Holidays

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