Republic of Casuarina

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Republic of Casuarina
Flag of the Republic of Casuarina.svg

Tatung Yuehchang (大同樂章)
Capital citySsu-chiang Special City (思江特別市, also spelt as Sijiang)
Largest citySsu-chiang
Official language(s)Mardarin Chinese, Southern Min (Taiwanese-Hokkien)
Short nameROC, ROM (M is the first letter of the Romanization of the Chinese word "木麻黃" - Mumahuang)
Governmenttrias politica
EstablishedSeptember 2015
Area claimed0km²
Population1 (as of 2019 census)
CurrencyExample Dollar
Time zoneUTC+8

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The Republic of Casuarina (Traditional Chinese: 木麻黃共和國; Southern Min: Bo̍k-môa-hông Kiōng-hô-kok) is a micronation in Taiwan. On 1 February 2018, the Republic was invited to join to the Micronations Co-prosperity Treaty Organization.

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