Inter-Micronational Chess Federation

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InterMicronational Chess Federation
Type: Chess Federation
Headquarters: to be announced
Supported Languages: English, Russian and Greek
Original Establishment: 7 August 2010
Re-Establishment 7 August 2013
Original Founder: CJ Miller
Re-Founder Rigas Papadopoulos
President: Rigas Papadopoulos
Vice President: Kuri Kabanov

The InterMicronational Chess Federation is a chess organisation that connects micronations through the game of chess, and is the governing body of micronational chess in its member nations.


The InterMicronational Chess Federation was originally founded by CJ Miller of Safiria to create a governing body for the newly-created Intermicronational Chess Tournament. However, three days after the tournament began, Safiria became defunct, so ownership of the IMCF was passed to the Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun. However, the IMCF went inactive again. In 2012, a new governing body for micronational chess, the Micronational Chess Federation, emerged. It was used to host the 2012 Micronational Chess Championship, but then also went inactive. In July 2013, Rigas Papadopoulos of St.Charlie took an interest in micronational chess and decided to re-form the IMCF. Obtaining permission from Sovetus, the last person to run the IMCF, Papadopoulos created a new website with the help of Kuri Kabanov and Ben McKinlay. In the 8th of August, 2013, after completing work on it's website, the I.M.C.F. announced the 2013 Micronational World Chess Championship.

On October 7, 2013, it was announced that the I.M.C.F.'s website was "temporarily down due to domain issues".[1] On October 25 it a new announcement stated that a new domain was purchased by Yaroslav Mar, who joined the I.M.C.F's staff as the General Sponsor.[2] The old site was transferred in it's entirety to the new domain and went live shortly afterwards.

Micronational Chess Championships

The Micronational Chess Championship is the main tournament organized by the InterMicronational Chess Federation. The first two championships (in 2010 and in 2012) were held in single-knockout format, but the 2013 championship will be held in single round-robin format.

After the 2010 championship, the tournament was renamed from InterMicronational Chess Championship to Micronational Chess Championship for the 2012 championship, and then to Micronational World Chess Championship for the 2013 championship..

Elo Ratings

Each incarnation of the InterMicronational Chess Federation used it's own rating system.

The original InterMicronational Chess Federation used both ECF and Elo ratings. There were only two games ever rated, the games from the 2010 InterMicronational Chess Championship.

The Micronational Chess Federation, which hosted the 2012 Micronational Chess Championship, used it's own rating system, details of which can be found here. Only three games were rated with this system, two games from the first round of the 2012 Micronational Chess Championship and a friendly match.

The reformed InterMicronational Chess Federation uses a modified elo rating system. Unlike the rating systems of previous federations, this time players are those rated, not nations. For details on how the system exactly works as well as current rankings, you can visit the rankings page on the new website of the I.M.C.F.


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