2012 Micronational Chess Championship

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Micronational Chess Championship 2012
Status Completed
Date 16 August 2012 - 21 November 2012
Governing body Micronational Chess Federation
Participants 16
Format Single-knockout
Winner Sovetus
Runner-up Kuri Kabanov

The 2012 Micronational Chess Championship was held from August 16, 2012 to November 21, 2012. It was organized by the newly-formed Micronational Chess Federation.


At the 16th of July, 2012, Leon Simpson created a thread on the MicroWiki forums, stating the Inter-Micronational Chess Federation had been re-incarnated as the Micronational Chess Federation, and that many nations had joined it. At the same time, he announced the first tournament was going to be planned through that thread. That tournament quickly came to be known as the Micronational Chess Championship.

There were complaints over the fact that there was no limit to the number of participants per nation, with some saying that it will be unfair since some bigger nations will be able to enter much more participants than smaller ones. Therefore, a 3-player limit per nation was established. In case more than 3 players from the same nation wanted to play, there would be a qualifying procedure. However, this didn't happen, as no more than 3 players attempted to sign-up from each nation.

Sign-ups ended at August 16, when the tournament began. 16 players were participating.

Tournament Format

Tournament format was decided to be single-knockout, with the exception of the semi-finalists, who would play a third-place match.


There were 16 participants from 11 different nations.

  1. link={{{2}}} Kyle Gatesman - Brogenia
  2. link={{{2}}} Brandon Kim - Brogenia
  3. link={{{2}}} Tony Asiamah - Brogenia
  4. link={{{2}}} Joe Foxon - Mercury
  5. link={{{2}}} Rebecca Panks - St. Peters Republic
  6. link={{{2}}} Deniz of Pavlov - Pavlov
  7. link={{{2}}} Parker Mitchell - Secundomia
  8. link={{{2}}} James E. Wilary - Prsänëa
  9. link={{{2}}} Kyng Fyrst - Slin Empyre
  10. link={{{2}}} Stepan Ignatiev - Lostisland
  11. link={{{2}}} Sovetus - Renasia
  12. link={{{2}}} Kuri Kabanov - Renasia
  13. link={{{2}}} Thomas Cassidy - Knoll
  14. link={{{2}}} Leon Simpson - New Nevada
  15. link={{{2}}} Jacob Tierney - Renasia
  16. link={{{2}}} Gandalf D'jambay - Slin Empyre


First Round

link={{{2}}} Kyle Gatesman vs link={{{2}}} Gandalf D'jambay 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} James E. Wilary vs link={{{2}}} Kyng Fyrst 1 - 0

link={{{2}}} Joe Foxon vs link={{{2}}} Thomas Cassidy 1 - 0

link={{{2}}} Rebecca Panks vs link={{{2}}} Kuri Kabanov 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Brandon Kim vs link={{{2}}} Jacob Tierney 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Parker Mitchell vs link={{{2}}} Stepan Ignatiev 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Tony Asiamah vs link={{{2}}} Leon Simpson 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Deniz of Pavlov vs link={{{2}}} Sovetus 0 - 1


link={{{2}}} Gandalf D'jambay vs link={{{2}}} James E. Wilary 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Joe Foxon vs link={{{2}}} Kuri Kabanov 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Jacob Tierney vs link={{{2}}} Stepan Ignatiev 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Leon Simpson vs link={{{2}}} Sovetus 0 - 1


link={{{2}}} James E. Wilary vs link={{{2}}} Kuri Kabanov 0 - 1

link={{{2}}} Stepan Ignatiev vs link={{{2}}} Sovetus 0 - 1

Third place play-off

link={{{2}}} James E. Wilary vs link={{{2}}} Stepan Ignatiev 0 - 1


link={{{2}}} Kuri Kabanov vs link={{{2}}} Sovetus 0 - 1


By winning a second consecutive championship (see 2010 Intermicronational Chess Championship), Sovetus confirmed his position as the strongest chess player amongst micronations.

It was attempted to hold a successor to this tournament in November 2012, but it ultimately decided that the tournament should be held yearly. The 2013 Micronational Chess Championship is organized by the new, reformed Inter-Micronational Chess Federation.



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