St. Peters Republic

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St. Peters Republic

Motto - Venit ad me Canis

Anthem: Apocalyptica - Unforgiven


Capital city -

Largest city -

Government Mayor–council government
President Richard Cunningham
Master of Economy & Postermaster Christopher Seaward
Defence Marshalls Dominic Thompson & Maximilian Beard

Established Sep 18th, 2011 

Population -

Area Claimed -

Currency -

Language(s) English

Religion -

Demonym -



The St. Peters Republic was formed on the 18th September 2011 by the now Counsellor and President-of-State Richard Cunningham, who had followed the exploits of Sealand, St. Charlie and Austenasia for about two years. He had been fascinated by the idea that any man or woman could say, "I am a national leader, and this is my Country."

Following a period of hasty recruitment, Counsellors Dominic Thompson and Christopher Seaward were elected to be Master of Economy and Postermaster respectively. Counsellor Matthew Newbury became the President-of-State's General Secretary, and Counsellor Maximilian Beard became the St. Peters Republic's Defence Marshall. He had also pestered the Counsellors to gain the additional title of Supreme Sherriff, a title that infuriated the other Counsellors.

On the 20th of September, Counsellor Cunningham produced the St .Peters Republic Government website, and also discovered the Autocracy of Dieter.

Discussions with the Autocracy of Dieter

Also, on the 20th of September, the St. Peters Republic began diplomatic relations with the Autocracy of Dieter. Although, the entire Council was revolted by the autocracy's informal attitude to trade affairs. However, the autocracy's ruler, Dieter Green, possessed a large sum of money, and this would benefit the St. Peters Republic through trade.

On the 7th of October, Counsellors Cunningham, Seaward and Newbury met with Dieter to discuss the trade pact at hand. Dieter's lack of formality meant that he had not even produced a list of goods available to trade. However, he was impressed by the efficiency and productivity of the republic's industrial and administrative machine, and the two nations became military allies after discussions on Xbox Live.



The legislature of the St Peters Republic is the council. Although there were five members of the Council originally, Counsellor Maximilian Beard backed out almost immediately. It is believed that he did not want to stay with the Republic because it is was serious, and not the joke he thought it was going to be. However, after ten days, he did return to his old title.

Currently there are five members of the council (Counsellors Cunningham, Thompson, Beard, Seaward and Newbury), and five working Citizens (Mstrs. Alejandro Whyatt, Finn McSean, Benjamin Kent, Connor Johnston, and Lawrence Cochrane).

Foreign relations


Counsellor Cunningham recently engaged with diplomatic relations between St Peters and Ultamiya. The exchange of messages between the two leaders of the Republic has begun to lead to a state of diplomatic friendship between the St Peters Republic and Ultamiya.


Counsellors Cunningham and thompson were shocked when they discovered that West Kozuc had been forcefully taken over by East Kozuc. However, Counsellor Cunningham, having done some digging on the internet, discovered that it was all an act. Disgusted, the St Peters Republic's view of Kozuc is now considerably negative.

Fall of the Autocracy

The Autocracy of Dieter was dissolved after pressure from the St Peters republic, as their inactivity was weighing down the Republic's trading capabilities because of inactivity and empty promises of motivation. On the 29th of November, 2011, the Autocracy dissolved, and Dieter returned to a life without Micronationalism. As a memorial to his two months of running a country (although it was inactive during that time), the St Peters Republic are still allowing the Autocracy's team to participate in the 2012 Virtual Micronational Premier League.

Republican Guard

The Republican Guard is an organisation that is designed solely to defend the St Peters Republic on the land of the Republic's territory. These duties are called for by the nation to preserve the Republic's reputation as a state.

The Inactivity

The St Peters republic sank into a mire of inactivity from the late February to the late June 2012. The only notable events that occurred in this time was the induction of Rebecca Panks as a citizen of the SPR.

The CSP and the August Reforms

Since early march, the President-of-State of the St Peters Republic had been in talks with the leaders of the nations involved in the PROSP-R trading group (since dissolved)about the creation of a confederation. Although these talks went on until late June, nothing much was actually done. With the arrival of Rebecca Panks, however, the group was filled with energy, and on August 25, the Confederate States of Prosperity (CSP) was created. President-of-State Cunningham won the first election, and is now also the President of the CSP.

During this, the President-of-State has begun talking with his citizens, to try and keep them all together in some semblance of activity and unity. Although these talks will carry on until late September, they have already been dubbed 'the August Reforms'.

Territorial Defence Force

The Territorial Defence Force is Conscription based organisation. It exists solely to protect the St Peters Republic's territory in the event of invasion. All citizens are to be called up to fight in such an event, and all will fight until the Council gives the order to retreat. The Counsel members are also conscripted to fight on the front lines, as the Republic believes in equality no matter of rank of social standing.