Thomas, Tsar of Nolland

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His Imperial Majesty
Tsar Thomas I of Nolland
Reigning Prince of Ayrshire
His Imperial Majesty's Coat of Arms
Tsar of Nolland
Assumed office
2 July 2012
First Minister See List
Predecessor Office Established
Personal information
Born March 1999
Sunderland, England, United Kingdom
Citizenship Nollandish
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Monarchist
Residence Hastings, Nolland
Occupation Politician, Historian

HIM Tsar Thomas I of Nolland is the Tsar of Nolland and the nation's founder, having been so since July 2nd 2012. Thomas has also acquired a number of additional positions in Nolland, in other nations and intermicronationally. These include having served in a number of Mercian positions including Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, First Minister and Culture Minister, as well as having served as GUM Secretary for Culture and Education on two separate, non-consecutive terms in 2014.

Early Life

Thomas was born in March 1999, in Sunderland, a city in North East England. He started school in 2003, started at Secondary School in 2010, started Sixth Form in 2015 and, most recently, began studying at University in 2017. Thomas has had a strong interest in History from a young age, and has always had an interest in politics. While attending Primary School, he served as the Election Agent to the MOP Party whilst in Year 6 for class elections.

Micronational Life

Early Involvement

Thomas started his involvement in the micronational community in 2012, having read about various micronations such as Sealand, Molossia and Austenasia. Along with friends, he formed the Empire of Knoll Island, declaring himself as Emperor. After a provisional government consisting solely of school friends were appointed, Thomas served as de facto Foreign Minister for the Empire, joining the Microwiki Forums and meeting Leon Williamson, James Reginald Frisch and Richard Cunningham, who would all go on to serve in Nollandish offices.

Thomas appointed a new, more intermicronationalist cabinet and spearheaded Nolland's entry into the Confederate States of Prosperity, working along with other micronationalists to increase diplomatic links between new entrants to the Microwiki Community. He also saw off a threat to his authority in the 2012 Nollandish coup d'état attempt.

As well as Nolland, Thomas joined Saint Edward and Domanglia under the pseudonym Vladimir Doma and briefly served in a number of senior roles.

Increased Notability

After the fall of the Confederate States of Prosperity (CSP), Thomas lead the campaign to bring the micronation now named Nolland into the Würtige Empire, which served as a spiritual successor to the CSP. Support for Nollandish membership of the Empire was not universal, with a number of citizens (including Mark II) resigning their citizenship in protest. Whilst in the Empire, Thomas served as Magister Millitum - a Defence Minister style role.

Thomas lead Nolland through a theodorist era during 2013, in which Nolland faced off challenges from the Nollandish Fascist Front and its splinter group the Nollandish Identitarian Front. By the end of 2013, the Nollandish people and Thomas had become disillusioned with theodorist beliefs and Nolland moved towards a more moderate political system.

Outside of Nolland, during the Wuertige period Thomas was elected as GUM Secretary for Culture and Education on two separate, non-consecutive terms - one towards the start of 2014, and one towards the end. In addition, Thomas became the first Nollandish citizen to seek election to the office of GUM Supreme Justice, albeit losing to Taeglan I Nihilus. Thomas also held a number of national political offices in other micronations, including having held the position of First Minister of Mercia from 2nd June 2014 to 1st March 2015, as well as Foreign and Interior Minister prior to this appointment and becoming Culture, Sports and Media Relations Minister subsequently. Thomas also served as Defence Minister of New Winterdown.

Thomas also became involved in Juclandia, a micronation headquartered in Romania - creating an overseas territory which served as an enclave of Nolland known as Ayrshire. In February 2014, however, Juclandia had a reform which lead to many provinces and overseas territories becoming states in the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, with Ayrshire becoming a Principality. 

Thomas launched a campaign for Nolland's independence from the Wurtige Empire in April 2015, and oversaw an increase in activity in the Nollandish Confederacy - an organisation which had technically existed for much of Nolland's past, but had only materalised into something following Mancunian participation. This surge of activity culminated in the Nollandish Confederacy election, 2015. Nolland itself held internal elections only a few months later.

Inactivity and Nolland's Return

It is difficult to pin-point specifically when Nolland entered a period which could be described as inactivity, but a consensus is that this happened during 2016. After a failed attempt to revive Nolland in 2017, Thomas managed a successful revival in March 2018 - with the appointment of a new Cabinet.

Personal Life

Thomas' political opinions have developed during his involvement in the Microwiki Community. Historically, he had identified with the centre-left and classified himself as a social liberal, having previously been Leader of the Beacon City Social Democratic Party. However, more recently he has become to associate more with classical liberal and neoliberal thought. In terms of religious belief, Thomas identifies as an agnostic and supports the humanist movement, while still relating to the culture of Catholicism.

Titles, Styles and Honours

Full Title

His Imperial Majesty, Thomas I, By the Constitution and Will of the Nation, Tsar of Nolland, Reigning Prince of Ayrshire, Head of the Confederacy, Duke of Strathallan, Mercian Marquis, Knight of the Order of the Imperial Star, Squire of the Order of the Crown Princess.

Honours, Awards and Other Achievements

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