Edward de Caville

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Edward Nathaniel Manfred de Caville
No official photo currently.
First Minister of Mercia
In office
6 January 2018 - Incumbent
Predecessor Palatine-Viceroy von Uberquie
Successor Incumbent
Duke of Sterling House
In office
17 September 2016 - Incumbent
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Bishop of Kernollond
In office
26 December 2017 - Incumbent
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 6th July
United Kingdom
Citizenship British, Mercian
Ethnicity Anglo-Celtic-Aboriginal
Residence Sterling House
Religion Christianity, Church of Mercia
Military service
Allegiance Royal Army of Sterling House
Service/branch Strategic Forces
In service 2016 - 2017
Rank Field Marshall of the Duchy of Sterling House
Battles/wars Ducal Coup of 2016

Duke Edward Nathaniel Manfred de Caville (known as Edward de Caville ) is an aristocrat, politician, and former sovereign monarch. Currently, he is First Minister of Mercia.

Early Micronationalist

Discovery of micronationalism

Edward Nathaniel Manfred de Caville first discovered micronationalism in 2011 due to by chance coming across the Principality of Sealand. Becoming intrigued Edward started research into micronationalism declaring himself as Duke of Cavillstein but did not get involved with the wider micronational community eventually declaring the Duchy of Cavillstein to be defunct and having never existed.

Sterling House

Duchy of Sterling House

In 2016, after having taken residence in Sterling House Edward would grow interested in micronationalism again declaring himself Duke of Sterling house sharing power with two of its other residents who served as Prime Minister and High Judge respectively. Notable events of this period include the Ducal Coup of 2016 where in the December of that year Duke Edward declared himself absolute monarch and would use his position as Field Marshel of the Royal Army of Sterlin House to exile the Prime Minister until a ceasefire was agreed and the prior arrangement was restored. This arrangement would continue for a year until September 2017 when both of them left the Duchy and Edward declared himself absolute monarch.

Annexation into Clyro and Mercia

In July 2017 Duke Edward de Caville became a citizen of Mercia and opened preliminary talks with His Lordship Richard I of Mercia, who was a personal friend of the Duke, on the subject of annexation into Clyro and by extension into Mercia. Work would begin on a treaty that July but would be abandoned until December due to a political inactivity crisis in Mercia.

In December 2017 discussions would start up again due to Mercia moving back towards activity, with a updated version of the July treaty being completed and signed on the 26th December.

As of the signing of this treaty, known as the Treaty of Penryn, the Duchy of Sterling House ceased to exit as a sovereign entity becoming a part of the Province of Kernollond in the Region Clyro, one of the constituent nations of Mercia. In return for giving up sovereignty Duke Edward would be allowed to keep his title and all its attached symbols making him one of the highest ranking noble in Mercia. In addition Edward was made the Bishop of Kernollond in the Church of Mercia.

Sterling House in Mercia

On the 9th March 2018 using the power over his title granted to him by the Treaty of Penryn he proclaimed that Roxanne du Coeur de la Mer was the Duchess consort of Sterling House and therefore an aristocrat.

Mercian Politics

On the 2nd of January 2018 Edward was contacted about the possibility of heading up a new Mercian Emergency Cabinet as First Minister of Mercia, due to being away of official business he did not become aware of the offer until the 5th at which point he accepted and was officially announced as First Minister of Mercia the following day.

His Cabinet fist met on the 13th January. The cabinet was small and its only mandate was to call and organize fresh democratic elections which were agreed for the 10th March 2018. Edward stood in the election the as a candidate and the Party Leader of the National Liberal Party, having joined the party not long into his term. The National Liberal Party would win the elction with 61.5% of the vote allowing Edward to remain First Minister.

Other Micronations

Abeldane Empire

Edward applied for Citizenship of the Empire on the 5th March 2018 with Abeldane being the 2nd Micronation the Duke holds citizenship in. Later that day Edward joined the National Federalist where due to his association with Alejandro Whyatt from the Mercian National Liberal Party he was quickly appointed Party Secretary that day. He would stand as a NFP candidate in the 15th March by-election where he would only receive 25% of the vote. On the 31st of March he was returned by executive decree as NFP Party Secretary and appointed Party Chairman.

Edward would stand again as a NFP candidate in the April 2018 Abeldane federal election where he won a seat to the Reichsversammlung.

Constitutional State of Mcarthia

Edward applied for Citizenship of Mcarthia on the 5th March 2018, like with Abeldane his ties with Alejandro Whyatt would reasult in him becoming Deputy Leader of Whyatt's Freedom Party. Edward would go on to be appointed to the House of Councillors due to there only being 13 candidates for a 16 seat Council resulting in all 13 being granted seats without an election.

Attributed Quotes

The KJV was Gods last gift to man- Duke Edward on many occasions

You asked for a Mercian Cincinnatus but instead received a Mercian Caesar- Duke Edward to Lord Richard I c.10 March 2018

Full title

His August Majesty Duke Edward Nathaniel Manfred de Caville', by the Grace of God, Duke of Sterling House, First Minister of Mercia, Bishop of Kernollond and member of the Synod of the Mercian Church, Leader of the Mercian National Liberal Party, Chairman and Party Secretary of the Abelden National Federalist Party, Deputy Leader of the Mcarthia Freedom Party, Member of the Mercian Parliament, Member of the Abeldane Reichsversammlung, Councillor of Mcarthia.