Robbie Coutts

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The Right Honourable
Sir Robbie Coutts
Baron of Tennington Fields
Cabinet Secretary for Defence
assumed office
3rd September 2018
Monarch Thomas I
First Minister Ricardo Mendes (until Nov 25th)
Billy Thomas (from Nov 25th)
Predecessor William Opdengraff
Deputy for Hastings
Assumed office
1 September 2018
along with Sebastian Cousins, James Reginald Frisch and Hasaan Amin
Predecessor Constituency established
Personal information
Born July 11, 1996
Wellington, New Zealand
Citizenship Nollandish, New Zealand
Political party Loyal League (Nolland)
Other political
New Zealand First
Military service
Service/branch Nollandish Air Force
In service 2018 –
Rank Air Marshal
Unit Chief of the Air Staff

The Rt. Hon Sir Robbie Coutts, Baron of Tennington Fields is the currently serving Defence Secretary and current leader of the Loyal League of Nolland. He also serves as the Ambassador to New Zealand.

Micronational Life

Sir Robbie first become a citizen of Nolland on June 14, 2018, at the personal invitation of Tsar Thomas. He quickly established himself as a voice for traditionalist conservatism and a reputation for fervent support of and loyalty to the institution of the Nollandish monarchy.

Personal life

Born in 1996 in Wellington, New Zealand, Sir Robbie is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington and an activist for the youth wing of New Zealand First.