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The Cabinet of Nolland is the executive of Nolland, consisting of the First Minister, Deputy First Minister of Nolland and Cabinet Secretaries. The Cabinet is based heavily on the British body of the same name. As such, as a collective it holds great executive power and is comprised of different ministers each holding separate portfolios.

Current Cabinet

Portfolio Minister Assumed Office
First Minister The Rt. Hon Viscount of Flecther's Hill MHD November 25, 2018 –
Deputy First Minister Sir Alex Howarth Baronet MHD November 25, 2018 –
Cabinet Secretary for Home Affairs Peter Swanson OM November 25, 2018 –
Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Sir Dan Moore KCM MHD December 28, 2018 –
Cabinet Secretary for Defence The Rt. Hon Baron of Tennington Fields KD MHD September 3, 2018 –
Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy Sir Alex Howarth Baronet MHD September 3, 2018 –
Leader of the House Sir Sebastian Cousins Baronet KD MHD November 25, 2018 –

Previous Cabinets

Mendes VI

Mendes III

Mendes II

Mendes I

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