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The Nollandish Armed Forces are the national military of the Tsardom of Nolland. The Nollandish Armed Forces are comprised of the Nollandish Army, Nollandish Navy, Nollandish Air Force and Nollandish Missile Corps, alongside support from Nollandish Civil Servants. The Nollandish Armed Forces are led by the Monarch who serves as Commander-in-Chief, and funded through the Cabinet Secretary for Defence.

Command Structure

According to the 2018 Nollandish Constitution, the Monarch serves as Commander-in-Chief, currently this is Thomas, Tsar of Nolland. The Monarch exercises supreme command and political authority over the Armed Forces, which they then use through the Cabinet Secretary for Defence and Chief of the Defence Staff, taking responsibility for political and command authority respectively.

The Chief of the Defence Staff is a four-star ranked officer, and is assisted by the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff who is a three-star ranked office. The Chief of the Defence Staff is responsible for the coordination of military operations and the overall day-to-day functioning of the Armed Forces. They are supported by their Deputy, and also by Defence Headquarters.

Defence Headquarters

Defence Headquarters (DHQ) is responsible for implementing the defence policies set by the Government and planning operations from a military (as opposed to government) perspective. DHQ consists of a number of specialist personnel drawn from all services. The current composition of DHQ is:

Defence Legal Service

The Defence Legal Service is the military justice branch of the Nollandish Armed Forces, comprised of Judge Advocates. Judge advocates serve primarily as legal advisors to the command to which they are assigned. In this function, they can also serve as the personal legal advisor to their commander. Their advice may cover a wide range of issues dealing with administrative law, government contracting, civilian and military personnel law, law of war and international relations, environmental law, etc. They also serve as prosecutors for the military when conducting courts-martial. They are charged with both the defense and prosecution of military law. It is comprised of:

Defence Medical Service

The Defence Medical Service is the medical corps of the Nollandish Armed Forces, responsible for the provision of health promotion, medical and dental support to forces while on exercise and deployment. Because it is not a fighting arm (non-combatant), under the Geneva Conventions, members of the Defence Medical Service may only use their weapons for self-defence. It is comprised of:

Military Office to the Sovereign

The Military Office to the Sovereign is the Military Household of the Monarch. It is comprised of the Military Adviser to the Sovereign, who serves as principal officer of the Office and the senior aide-de-camp the sovereign and is comprised of additional aide-de-camps and other members of the Monarch's military entourage. It is currently comprised of:

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