Nollandish Subdivisions

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The subdivisions of the Tsardom of Nolland consist of four regions, plus an Overseas Territory and Hastings, the Nollandish Capital.


The Kingdom of Agnorr currently has territories which are enclaves of Pennsylvania.

Duchy of Penn

County of Krefeld

Town of Opdengraff

The town of Opdengraff is the only permanently inhabited region of the country. It is also the capital of the country and the location where all governmental duties are done. The towns name comes from an ancestor of William Opdengraffs, Herman op den Graeff, who was a Mennonite community leader in Alderkerk, Germany.

Territory of Neshaminy

The territory is an uninhabited public forest with wetlands along the Delaware River.

Territory of Pemapaki

The territory is roughly 30 acres of meadows and wetlands in a public forest.

Territory of Ryksland

Ryksland is named after Richard Wall, an ancestor of William Opdengraff. It means Richards Land, the land claimed includes the 18th century stone house and grave plots of the deceased Wall and Shoemaker families.

County of Leith

Territory of Kuthal

The northernmost territory, the name Kuhtal can be translated to mean land of cows. There are are no permanent residents in the claimed area.


The Kingdom of Maerly currently has territories which are enclaves of London.

Duchy of Crutton

County of Carew

Town of Carewville
Territory of Tennington Fields


The Kingdom of Gliseland currently has territories which are enclaves of South Wales and South West England.

Duchy of Zortika

County of Briskshire

Town of Lebriska

Duchy of Molevan

County of Morgannwg

Town of Belle Vue
Territory of Cynefin Lake
Town of Hoppers Rest
Town of Fletcher Hills
Territory of Fletcher Lake


The Kingdom of Kothellond is Nolland's oldest region, with current territories within Kothellond being enclaves of North East England.

Duchy of Strathallan

County of New Perth

Town of Oldville
Territory of Kothellond Park

Other Territories

Overseas Territory of Nova Belém


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