Confederal Party for Progress

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Confederal Party for Progress
Logo of the Confederal Progress Party.PNG
Other namesConfederal Progress Party
Wreath and Arrow
Party tierNollandish Confederacy
LeaderJames I
Vice leaderGabriel N. Pelger
Established26 July 2015
IdeologySocial democracy
(democratic) socialism
moderate libertarianism
Political positioncenter-left/left
Coloursdark red

The Confederal Party for Progress (initialism CPP, also known as the Confederal Progress Party) is a party alliance of the Mancunian Royal Party, the Independent Usian Leftists' Party, and the Nollandish Free Liberals. The Labor Party of Nedland was a founding party, but became inactive after the collapse of Nedland. It is the only opposition party to the Freedom Party in the Parliament of the Nollandish Confederacy, and was created solely for that purpose. The party is built around social democratic/socialist principles.


During the formation of the party, "Confederal Liberal" and "Confederal Labor" were suggested by James I. Shortly after, "Confederal Party of Progress" was proposed, and the preposition was altered. Only a few days later, the nickname "Wreath and Arrow" (for the symbolism of its logo) and the initialism "W&A" came into common use, said to have been coined by Gabriel N. Pelger.


The formation of the coalition was in response to the formation of the Confederal Freedom Party during the Nollandish Confederacy election, 2015.



As the center-left/leftist party needed to be a big tent party, many different leftist ideologies needed to be included in the party ideology.


The Confederal Party for Progress advocates the following policies:


  • Keynesian economics
  • Well-regulated capitalism
    • Progressive taxation
      • Capital gains taxation
      • Estate taxation
      • Property taxation
      • Financial transaction taxation
  • Adequate welfare
  • Single-payer healthcare
  • Livable minimum wage


  • Moderate libertarianism


  • Secularism
  • No uniform liberal or conservative policies


  • Environmentalism
  • Democracy


James I, Duke of the Den was unanimously elected party leader on 28 July 2015. He appointed Gabriel N. Pelger as vice leader on 27 August 2015.

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