Foreign Affairs of Nolland

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In the Tsardom of Nolland, foreign affairs are the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary of Foreign Affairs though only the Monarch can grant diplomatic recognition (usually on the advice of the First Minister). Nolland is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, with Tsar Thomas I having served two terms as GUM Secretary for Culture and Education

Bilateral relations

Sovereignty Disputes

The Tsardom of Nolland has sovereignty disputes with the following:

Micronations allied with Nolland

Emperor Adam I and Tsar Thomas establish the Cardiff Pact on 17 August 2018.

Empire of Adammia

Nolland and Adammia have previously had amicable, cordial informal relations since 2013, prior to Nolland's inactivity. Upon Nolland's revitalisation in 2018, Adammia soon became one of Nolland's closest allies due to Emperor Adam and Tsar Thomas learning they were part of the same political group. In July 2018, Adammia and Nolland signed a mutual recognition treaty, followed by the signing of the Cardiff Pact in August, establishing a military alliance between the two countries. The Cardiff Pact was signed at a meeting between Emperor Adam and Tsar Thomas, thought to be the first meeting either nation has had with a foreign head of state.

Diplomatic Corps

Ambassadors are appointed to a sovereign state, while Envoys tend to be appointed to a sub-national government. Consuls and Consuls-General are appointed to a specific city, town or other smaller locality. As well as this, the Foreign Office may appoint Special Envoys or Ambassadors-at-Large to represent a larger territorial area, or to represent the Nollandish Government and Monarchy on a specific issue. Permanent Representatives are appointed to International Organisations.

Ambassadors, Envoys and Consuls

Ambassadors-at-Large and Other Diplomats

Permanent Representatives