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NationTsardom of Nolland
 • MayorHIM Tsar Thomas I

The Free Imperial City of Hastings, colloquially known simply as Hastings, is the Capital City of the Tsardom of Nolland and is the Imperial Seat of governance. The city serves as a historical and cultural center of Nolland, being part of Nolland since it's foundation in 2012.


Hastings is situated near an ancient stone age burial ground and serves as the residence of the Nollandish Imperial Family. Hastings was quickly annexed by Nolland following Nolland's foundation - initially becoming a city in the Kingdom of Kothellond. However, territorial boundaries were shifted and Hastings became defined as a 'Federal District' and was given the appellation of 'Free Imperial City' by the Tsar.


Hastings is largely administered by the Nollandish Imperial Family as a whole however, various Nollandish citizens do have a considerable input on Hastings' affairs.