Order of the Crown Princess

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Order of the Crown Princess
Awarded by the Empire of Austenasia
Type Chivalric order with four ranks
Awarded for At the absolute discretion of the Heir to the Throne
Status Currently awarded
Established 31 January 2009
First awarded 1 February 2009
Last awarded 23 November 2012
Total awarded Recipients: 47
Maximum quotas Supreme Companion of the Heir: 1
Knight/Dame Protector: 12
Other grades: no limit
Next (higher) Austenasian Order
Next (lower) N/A

The Order of the Crown Princess (known as the Order of the Crown Prince when the Heir to the Throne is male) is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Heir to the Throne of the Empire of Austenasia. Founded on 31 January 2009 by Act 56 (Order of Chivalry), it is the lowest Austenasian order of chivalry in terms of precedence, and unique in that it is not bestowed by the Monarch.


There are four grades in the Order of the Crown Princess, and the holders of all but the last may legally be referred to as knights. There may only ever be one Supreme Companion at a time, as that particular grade was initially created with the intention of being granted to the consort of the Heir to the Throne; however, so far the position has only ever been bestowed upon close friends of the Heir.

There were originally five grades, with Knight/Dame Companion of the Crown Prince (KCCP/DCCP) being between Knight/Dame Protector and Knight/Dame in terms of precedence. However, this grade was abolished by Act 81 on 30 May 2009; it had only ever had one recipient, who had voluntarily relinquished it a mere month after recieving it at the Order's founding (see below).

  • Supreme Companion of the Heir
  • Knight/Dame Protector of the Crown Princess
  • Knight/Dame of the Crown Princess
  • Squire of the Crown Princess


Supreme Companion of the Heir (SCP)

  • Vacant

Knight/Dame Protectors of the Order of the Crown Princess (KPP/DPP)

Knights/Dames of the Order of the Crown Princess (KCP/DCP)

  • Penny Lewis: 1/2/2009
  • Callum Hacket: 3/4/2009
  • Katie Langley: 6/4/2009
  • DI Thomas Carter: 16/5/2009
  • Ryan Dickinson: 17/6/2009
  • Thomas McGurran: 15/10/2009
  • "Mattholomew" Matthew Chappell: 1/3/2010
  • General Joseph Goldie: 8/3/2010
  • Tessy Herman: 10/3/2010
  • HM King Kat I: 7/11/2010
  • André Sammut: 7/4/2011
  • Quentin of Wyvern: 8/4/2011
  • HSM Prince Maarten I: 8/4/2011
  • E. Thornton: 13/5/2011
  • M. Mayanja-Kakyama: 13/5/2011
  • Prince Aden of Rubber Ducky: 12/7/2011
  • HSH Prince Joseph: 2/8/2011
  • Bradley of Dullahan: 2/10/2011
  • Robert Songhurst: 31/10/2011
  • N. James: 19/7/2012

Squires of the Crown Princess (SCP)

Former recipients