James Thompson

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James Thompson
Flag of the Federal Union
General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Federal Union
Assumed office:
22 June 2012
Predecessor Office established
Personal Information
Citizenship Federal Union of Socialist Republics
Nationality Byzindian
Political party Communist Party of the Federal Union
Residence Blythe, Byzindian SR, FUSR
Occupation General Secretary of the CPFU
Religion Athiest
Military service
Allegiance PNLA
In service 2012-
Rank Generalissimo

James Thompson is the founder of the Republic of Danesland, People's Republic of Danesland, Democratic People's Republic of Danesland, Socialist People's Republic of Danesland and the Federal Union of Socialist Republics. He is a staunch Marxist-Leninist, following the line of the former w:Albanian Party of Labour, and is one of the few micronationalists to uphold Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha. His micronational career began with the Republic of Danesland on May 31, 2009, an apolitical dictatorship. Influenced by the Socialist bloc of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and the Intermicronational Socialist Alliance, he formed the Workers Party of Danesland, a Revolutionary Socialist Party that marked the beginning of a democracy in Danesland and laid the groundwork for the Communist Party of Danesland. Soon after the fall of Erusia and the Socialist bloc he lead the Socialists and Communists in turning Danesland into a Communist state. After Danesland, he helped to unite local micronations to form what is now the Federal Union of Socialist Republics.