Communist Party of Danesland

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People's Communist Party of Danesland
Leader James Thomson
Founded July 2, 2009
Headquarters Blythe, Danesland
other organizations Young Communist League(Danesland)
Ideology Marxism-Leninism,Anti-Revisionism
Official colors Red, Yellow
Members 12

The People's Communist Party of Danesland is a political party, and the ruling party and only legal political party in the Socialist People's Republic of Danesland. It is currently led by James Thomson.


The ideology of the Communist Party of Danesland has been described as hardline by many. The Communist Party of Danesland has modeled it's ideological line after that of the Albanian Party of Labour [1]. The CPD has a policy, despite it's Marxist-Leninist stance, to promote Socialism intermicronationally. As a result of that policy, the CPD is working on establishing it's ties with Democratic Socialist, Titoist and Trotskyite parties.