Intermicronational Socialist Alliance

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The Intermicronational Socialist Alliance (ISA), also known as the Intermicronational/e or the Second Internmicronational/e, is the name of an international organisation of Socialist and Communist movements that succeeded the International Committee for Revolutionary Socialism. Founded by the leaders of the Communist Party of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics on April 13 2009, the ISA stands for the advancement of Socialism and the promotion of Internationalism, hoping to encourage the emergence of Socialist political movements in other micronations. The formation of the Intermicronational follows a period in which Socialist Internationalism on MicroWiki has achieved a new height with revolutions in Altania and Murrayfield.

Mission Statement

The Intermicronational Socialist Alliance defines it's mission as follows:

The Intermicronational Socialist Alliance is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the revolutionary ideal of Socialism in all it's forms. The ISA works tireless to combat Capitalist oppression and topple the bourgeoisie by transforming micronationalism into an effective platform for the revolutionary struggle of the People and of the working classes. To this end, the Alliance shall serve as a unitary organisation of Socialist political parties and revolutionary movements, united under the scarlet standard irrespective of ideological tendancies.

— ISA Mission Statement


Membership in the Alliance is open to any and all Socialist movements, regardless of it's legality in the micronation of origin, providing there is not a larger opposing organisation within the Alliance from the same nation. To date, there are seven members of the Alliance, and an additional five have been invited to the organisation.

Membership Invitations/Applications

As of it's founding, the following organisations have been invited/applied to join the ISA:

Existing Members