International Committee for Revolutionary Socialism

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The International Committee for Revolutionary Socialism or ICRS is an intermicronational organisation that was established on the final day of the People's International Conference on December 7, 2007. Established by delegates from the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia, People's Popular Socialist Republic of Bzan and People's Republic of Yongheng, the ICRS is considered the spiritual successor to the short-lived Union of Socialist Micronational Republics that was established by Bzan to unite it with Licentia.

Sometimes known affectionately by members of the Committee as the Socialist Micronationale, the ICRS was established as a platform to direct the development of micronational Socialism and unite all Socialist micronationalists under a single banner. Instead of being a union of nations, membership of the ICRS is made up entirely of micronational political parties that adhere to a Socialist or Communist ideology, regardless of whether or not they hold any power in their respective states. Rather than voting on motions, decisions by the Committee are reached by a general consensus between members and are not legally binding on any participating Party. Each Party may appoint up to three standing delegates per meeting and a single permanent delegate - usually the Party leader.


Membership of the ICRS is obtained through a simple application process. If the Committee feels that the applying Party is sufficiently Socialist, they may join the ranks of the ICRS.

Current members