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Lord Dakoda George
President of Freedomia
Predecessor Office established
Successor Position abolished
Chancellor-Judge of Freedomia
Predecessor Markus II
Successor Position abolished
Chancellor of the OUM
Successor Lord J. Hargis
Lord Chancellor of Freedomia
Successor Marianne Parker
Senator of Freidetita
Predecessor Markus II
Successor Sir Dylan Knox, Lord of Homestead
Personal information
Born 1997 (age 26–27)
Citizenship Knollish, Brunhamish, and Wurtidgeish
Nationality US American
House House of Forcost (Knoll) House of Rockforth (Burnham)
Religion Christian

Lord Dakoda George is a mainly Knollish and Burnhamish politician who also holds a number of citizenship and titles and joined the community in early 2010.

1st Rule of Georgeton

He first got into micronational life when he created the Sovereign Lordship of Georgeton in May 2010. The Council of Grand Duchies ruled with the four Grand Dukes and one Grand Duchess, but the council was defeated and exiled by Sir Jeffery the Moronic after leading a rebellion in November 2010, who took over as Prime Minister and after a month the nation fell inactive.

Slinky Empyre & Slinky Republyc

After his exile he joined the Slinky Empyre on December 8, 2010, and continued in that nation by joining the Slinky Parliament and giving suggestions to Kyng Fyrst until he, Parker I, Kuri of Gishabrun, and Joseph Allen rebelled and formed the Slinky Republic with Parker I as the Prime Minister. The Republic was disestablished on February 26, 2011, which led to the 1st Duchy of Georgeton.

2nd Rule of Georgeton

After the dissolution of the Slinky Republic, Georgeton Department became the 1st Duchy of Georgeton which later merged with the Kingdom of New Britain and formed the United Kingdom of New Britain and Georgeton. Two months later the nation started to fall into decline and joined the Freedomian Commonwealth.

Empire of Freedomia & OUM

In spring of 2011 Dakoda George joined the Empire of Freedomia and took up a number of Government positions. He got his chance and took up the positions of Chancellor of the Commonwealth and Lord Chancellor of Freedomia, which were the highest positions in Freedomia, save that of the Prime Minister.

In June 2011 he along with others created the OUM due to the recent decline of the OAM. He was made Chancellor and helped create a number of resolutions and helped write the Charter of the OUM.

3rd Rule of Georgeton & 2nd Rule of Carlington

After his resignation from all political offices in the Empire of Freedomia and resignation of his position as Chancellor of the OUM in early July 2011, he once again took up the role of Duke of Georgeton. He decided that it would remain active with only citizens who actually lived in the land of the Duchy and not to accept Internet citizens for that turns the nation inactive in some cases. Another position he took up again was the rule of Carlington which had formerly fell into inactivity, so he recreated Carlington as a province of Georgeton and with himself as Governor of Carlington.

Return after the fall of Kirkland

After the fall of the Kirkland he fell out of touch for a while, even though later returning to the microworld, revamping Georgeton into the Most Imperial Principality of Georgeton. The Duchy of Carlington was disestablished and he ordered all of the proviinces to unite into one whole Georgeton. He was contacted by the Government of Freedomia and accepted there offer of title and influence over the government and with his own terms including the right to influence all government policy to make the nation more respected and recgonized, iin December 2011 he was installed in the hereditary position of Imperial Caesar of Derrignton and accepted his position as Senator. Then later on that month he was installed as head of the freedomian courts, the second Chancellor-Judge of Freedomia.


The end of 2011, he was back into power in Freedomia and had been re-granted most of his titles and positions. 2012 started with the treason trial of Joshua Cooper, in which he was found guilty of treason against the newly placed Imperial Government of Freedomia and by extension the new Emperor, His Majesty, by the grace of God and of Freedomia, Mark, Second of his name, Lord of all Freedomian Realms.

Early March the scandal of Joshua Cooper was even worse after he had been charged with treason, fined over 300,000 Burgins, and stripped of all his government positions. He started posting stuff on the Government Forums and even legal with the Freedomian Constitution it was highly frowned upon, so in return for his actions against the Imperial Government, acting in his hereditary position as Earl Marshall of the College of Heraldry of Freedomia, he striped Cooper of all titles except for that of the Barony of Great Manington.

By December 2012, George knew it was time to rebel against the rule of the Emperor of Freedomia, Markus II, and staged a coup against him; it failed. His loyalty being called into question, as well as his titles and lands; so he pushed through a good deal if pro Imperial legislation. It wasn't enough, with all the new pro senators being brought in by the Emperor after banishing the old ones, they called for Lord George to be tried for treason; he responded with this quote 'I will not serve a nation of fools and imbeciles, the lands of House George are hereby withdrawn from all Freedomian jurisdiction. The North is hereby declared from all House George protection and returned to the United States of America, except for the land held legally by House George itself.' With that he left Freedomia an joined Burnham and given a Higher position in Knoll.


He started 2013 totally devoid of all Freedomian influence with positions in the Knollish and Burnhamish governments. He also gained a good amount of influence in Wurtige when he publicly condemned the actions of the Emperor and staged a coup. He was self-proclaimed emperor of Freedomia for an hour and a half before he was defeated, however that put him in the good graces of all the Wurtige Senators.

Foreign affairs


Dakoda George was very disappointed when Gordon Freeman was elected the Secretary General of the Organisation of Active Micronations (2009), as he was running for the position of Secretary General himself. However that was not the reason for leaving the OAM, it was because the OAM was in decline with Hogg as the Head of the Organisation. He believed with many others that with the leadership of Hogg the OAM was going to collapse within itself. Others such as Aldrich Lucas think that the OAM is fine, while others say that it is full of corruption and that proves it self right with The Nation of New Guinea with the leadership of Archangel as the entire nation is fraudulent. The OAM did eventually collapse with a vote for itself to disestablish.


OUM logo.png

After the great walkout from the OAM, some micronationalists thought it a good idea to form a new organisation, so that idea became the Organisation of United Micronations, with him as Chancellor and Skymarshall Hargis as Secretary General. On July 3 he resigned from the post as Chancellor for personal reasons, so SkyMarshall Hargis took over as Chancellor and Ben McKinlay took over as Secretary General until elections could be held.

NPD Istoria

With all that is going on with Istoria, he has tried to keep a neutral view on things however it seems that Istoria went to far. In his point of view Istoria has been extremely stupid with themselves one of his examples was Istoria threatening to declare war on the Federal Republic of St. Charlie, it is one of the most influential and powerful micronations in the world. When Landashir for example voted to cease all recognition of Istoria he it was time to act, so he declared that the Duchy of Georgeton would have no communication with Istoria until this crisis was resolved.

Honors and titles


Former peerages

Royal Titles




  • 1997-2010 His Highness Dakoda, Prince of Scotland, Prince of the Picts, Prince of Dalraida
  • 2010-2011 His Grace The Duke of Carlington, Viceroy of Georgeton, Member of Parliament of the Slinky Empyre
  • 2011-2012 His Most Serene Highness, Dakoda, Imperial Ceasar of Derrignton, Supreme Prince of Georgeton, Conqueror of the North, Protector of the South, Grand Duke of the Imperial Province of Fredetita, Chancellor-Judge of Freedomia, Earl Marshall of Freedomia, The Honorable and Gracious Lord High Protector
  • 2012 Sir Dakoda, Marquess of Lenivere, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Ferdinand, Lord of the Georgian Isles, Lord of Lenivere Hall, Secretary General of the Royal Court of James The King of Austreneland (Austreneland)
  • 2013
    • (Burnham) His Grace, Dakoda, the Duke of Rockforth, Baron of I'eth, and Counsel of the People
    • (Knoll) His Royal Highness, Dakoda the First, Prince of Forcost
    • (Austreneland) Sir Dakoda, Marquess of Lenivere, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Ferdinand, Lord of the Georgian Isles, Lord of Lenivere Hall, Secretary General of the Royal Court of James The King of Austreneland

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