Kingdom of Pavlov

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The Kingdom of Pavlov
Royaume de Pavlov


Seal of Pavlov.png
Coat of Arms

Dieu est ma force
God is my strength
Pavlov our land, and Deniz our leader
Map of Pavlov(31-12-2012).png
Map of Pavlov
Capital cityPavlov City
Largest cityPavlov City
Official language(s)English, French
Official religion(s)Church of Pavlov
Short namePavlov
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KingDeniz II of Pavlov
- Prime MinisterYaroslav Mar
LegislaturePavlovian Senate
- Type - Unicameral Legislature
- Number of seats - 8
- Last election - 12-3-2013
Established8th July 2012
Area claimed49,070 km2
CurrencyPavlovian Crowns
Time zone(UTC -8)
National dishPavlovian Salad
National drinkVodka
National animalPenguin
Patron saintSt. Basil
This nation is a member of the AMU

Government Website

The Kingdom of Pavlov is a self declared sovereign state founded as the Principality of Pavlov on the 8th of July 2012. It consists of the Alexander Island (71°00′S 70°00′W). The nation is often referred to as a micronation by outsiders, despite the governments claim to be a independent sovereign state.
On the Boodlesmythe-Tallini Classification Pavlov ranks as classification 12, making it a 5th World Nation.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Pavlov is a Constitutional monarchy. The Cabinet is appointed usually as a result of an election.

The King

The current monarch of Kingdom of Pavlov is Deniz II of Pavlov who has reigned since Pavlov's formation. Whilst the King has executive power, the current King allows some democracy to take place on his discretion.

The Pavlovian Senate

The Senate of Pavlov consists of 5 Senators, the Speaker and the Prime Minister.

Opinions on Palestine

The Government of Pavlov holds a opinion that Palestine should be allowed independence from Israel. The Pavlovian government has rarely states it's opinions on macronational disputes but has announced it's support for the Palestinian Authority in the Palestinian dispute.


Pre-Micronational History

Alexander Island was discovered by a Russian expedition under Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on the 28th of January in the year 1821, The island was named after Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

Early History

The Kingdom of Pavlov first founded on the 8th of July as the Principality of Pavlov and was a Absolute Monarchy. Over time, incarnations of Pavlov varied from a Empire, Tsardom and briefly a Republic.

Geography & Territory

Pavlov claims Alexander Island. There is a big variety of wildlife on the island from Whales, Commerson Dolphin, Orca's, Penguins and Seals. The Island is for the biggest part covered with ice, one of the more notable things is the Hodgson Lake a former subglacial lake that has emerged from under an ice sheet that covered it.


The Pavlovian National Defence Force is charged with protecting Pavlov and its overseas territories, promoting Pavlov's global security interests and supporting intermicronational peacekeeping efforts.

The King holds the title of Admiral of the Navy, General of the Airforce and General of the Armies.

Military service is voluntary, though conscription may occur in wartime through the National Service System.

Foreign relations

Pavlov's diplomatic policy is generally open and is to the discretion of the King on advise from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Recognised; no relations

Full diplomatic relations


The Culture in Pavlov is strongly influenced by Mediterranean culture and lifestyle, this is seen by facts that red wine is very popular for example.


The most popular dish to be served in the Royal court is the "Pavlovian Salad" once created by His Majesty, it became popular rapidly, first through the nobility but now also in the lower society.

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