Glory, Glory to our Rus' Tsar!

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Слава, слава, нашъ Русскiй Цар!
Glory, Glory to our Rus' Tsar!
Pavlovian anthem melody.png
The official arrangement of the Royal Anthem of Tsardom of Pavlov

Royal Anthem of
Flag of Pavlov.jpg Tsardom of Pavlov
LyricsVasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky,
Yegor Fodorovich Rozen
MusicMikhail Ivanovich Glinka, 1833

Audio Sample of the Royal Anthem

Glory, Glory to our Rus' Tsar! (Слава, слава, нашъ Русскiй Цар!) - a patriotic song to the music of Mikhail Glinka from the final scene of the Opera Ivan Susanin, the words are attributed to Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky and Yegor Fodorovich Rozen. A slightly changed version of the first variant of the lyrics was in 2017 adopted as the Royal Anthem of Pavlov.



Славься, славься, нашъ русскiй Царь!
Господомъ данный намъ Царь-Государь!
Да будетъ безсмертенъ твой Царскiй родъ,
Да имъ благоденствуетъ русскiй народъ.

Славься, славься изъ рода въ родъ,
Славься, великiй нашъ русскiй народъ.
Враговъ, посягнувшихъ на край родной,
Рази безпощадной могучей рукой.

Слава, слава нашему Царю!
Слава, слава земле родной!
Слава героямъ Руси Святой!
Ура! ура! ура!


Slav'sya, slav'sya, nash" russkiy Tsar'!
Gospodom" dannyy nam" Tsar'-Gosudar'!
Da budet" bezsmerten" tvoy Tsarskiy rod",
Da im" blagodenstvuyet" russkiy narod".

Slav'sya, slav'sya iz" roda v" rod",
Slav'sya, velikiy nash" russkiy narod".
Vragov", posyagnuvshikh" na kray rodnoy,
Razi bezposhchadnoy moguchey rukoy.

Slava, slava nashemu Tsaryu!
Slava, slava zemle rodnoy!
Slava geroyam" Rusi Svyatoy!
Ura! ura! ura!


Be glorious, be glorious, our Russian Tsar!
The Lord has given to us our Lord-Tsar!
Let your royal family be immortal,
Yes, they are prosperous Rus' people.

Be glorious, be glorified from generation to generation,
Be glorious, our great Rus' people.
Enemies who encroached on the edge of the native land,
Remove them merciless and with a powerful hand.

Glory to our Tsar!
Glory, glory to the native land!
Glory to the heroes of Holy Rus'!
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!