2017 Pavlovian constitutional referendum

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Pavlovian constitutional referendum, 2017
Do you accept the new constitution of Pavlov?
Date 1–3 February 2017
Turnout 11%
Option checkY Support ☒N Oppose
Popular Vote (%) 8 100% 0 0%

A constitutional referendum on the acceptance of a new constitution was held in Pavlov between 1–3 February 2017. The new constitution included changes to Pavlov's political structure and some cultural reforms. The results of the referendum showed the majority supported the constitutional amendments, with 100% of those who voted in favour. Although of this, the result was not accepted due to the low turnout.



For Support

For Oppose


As a result of the low turnout in the Pavlovian constitutional referendum of 2017, the Emperor took over absolute control of the Government and passed the Government 2017 act.[1]

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