Treaty of Slavyansk-na-Bruhmanna (2016)

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Treaty of Slavyansk-na-Bruhmanna
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Pavlov.
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Pavlov.
Created 17 November 2016
Location Slavyansk-na-Bruhmanna, Pavlov
Authors HIM Aleksandr IV and Grand Prince Krištof von Drakon of Nov Asenovgrad
Signers Empire of Pavlov
Kingdom of Tiana
Kingdom of Erlande
Purpose - Amending the Treaty of Kolchaksaray
- Recognition of the King of Erlande as Junior Western Roman Emperor

The Treaty of Slavyansk-na-Bruhmanna, also sometimes informally referred to as The Treaty on the recognition of Emperors by elements of the Pavlovian Government, is a treaty signed between HIM Aleksandr IV, HIM Theodoric and HM Denis in which the three of them recognize HIM Aleksandr IV and HIM Theodoric as Eastern- and Western Roman Emperor and Augustus respectively and HM Denis as Western Roman Junior Emperor and Caesar.

On the other hand, it establishes that the three may only recognize other Emperors on unanimous agreement between the parties, and that any amendement to the document may be made solely on unanimous agreement between the parties.

The Treaty was disestablished on the dissolution of Pavlov in October 2018.