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The foreign relations of the Tsardom of Pavlov are implemented by the Posadnik. The power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lies primarily with the Monarch, but is made on the advise of the Posadnik. Although Pavlov is not internationally recognized by any member of the United Nations, it does hold formal diplomatic relations with various micronational entities. Pavlov's foreign relations are influenced by the official foreign policies of Pavlov. Since its founding, the Tsardom has implemented a policy of isolation which was changed in mid-2016 by mutual consent of the Tsar and the then recently appointed Posadnik. Pavlov's foreign relations are influenced by the official foreign policies of Pavlov and the Government ideology Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality.

Foreign policy

Government ideology

The Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality is the official government ideology of the Tsardom of Pavlov.

  • Orthodoxy ― Christian Orthodoxy and the protection of the Pavlovian Orthodox Church.
  • Autocracy ― Unconditional loyalty to the House of Bekbulatov-Karapavlovič in return to paternalist protection for all social estates.
  • Nationality ― Recognition of the state-founding role on the Rus’ nationality and equal citizen rights for all other peoples inhabiting Pavlov.


The essence of the Orthodoxy part is based on the notion that without love for the Church, the Pavlovian Rus' nation will perish. With some even claiming that "to weaken our faith would be the same as to deprive ourselves of blood or to tear our hearts" or even "for a man or woman devoted to the Tsar, to lose the dogmas of the Church would be the same as to abduct one pearl from the Crown of Monomakh".


Autocracy is seen as the sole condition of the survival of Pavlov’s political existence. The notion is that passion for innovation upsets the natural relations between the Monarch and the people, his children. The Pavlovian Rus' nation rests on the Autocracy as her cornerstone.


In order for the Throne and Church to remain in their power, they must support a sense of Nationality. The question of different peoples in Pavlov is a non issue. To maintain a homogenous society, the Monarch must establish civic nationality and assimilate other cultures to the Pavlovian Rus' one.

International relations

Recognized; no diplomatic ties

Recognized; formal diplomatic relations

Informal diplomatic ties

International Incidents