Secretary of the Barbarians (Pavlov)

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Secretary of the Barbarians
HS Duke Modest Akhmetovych Saradzhev

since 12 June 2020
AppointerFaithful Pavlovian Emperor on advice of the Consuls

The Secretary of the Barbarians is a member of Pavlovian Government who is in charge of foreign affairs. The Secretary of the Barbarians is therefore responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations and for representing and promoting the interests of the Empire of Pavlov internationally.

List of Secretaries of the Barbarians

Number Picture Name Took office Left office Notes
I HS Duke Modest Akhmetovych Saradzhev 12 June 2020 Present

Foreign Relations

Pavlov has a fairly isolationist foreign policy, which is furthermore limited by the Orientism political theory and the Treaty of Theodosia. Pavlov does not enter alliances with other micronations in general, the only exception to this is the Federal Republic of Lostisland, signed in light of the strong cultural and historical ties between the two nations. Pavlov is a member state of the Antarctic Micronational Union.

Nations which are in a state of alliance with Pavlov

Nations which are Socii states of Pavlov

Nations with which Pavlov has signed a treaty of mutual recognition or exchanged acts of recognition

The following list does not include defunct nations, nations with which a treaty was terminated, nor nations with which a treaty was signed for a finite period of time and not renewed upon expiration.

Nations which are in a state of mutual recognition with Pavlov by virtue of membership in the Antarctic Micronational Union

Sovereignty disputes

As part of the Pavlovian cultural heritage, Pavlov maintains a ceremonial territorial claim over land plots. It should be noted, however, that Pavlov doesn't dispute the sovereignty of the plots by their respective "macronational" Governments.[1]
The following list includes UN member states which are not recognised by the Empire of Pavlov.

Nations which are unilaterally recognized by Pavlov

Tacit recognition

Pavlov claims to have received tacit recognition - that is, acts or conduct which, in the absence of any indication to the contrary, can be reasonably interpreted to imply recognition - from several countries which have not explicitly granted the Empire official diplomatic recognition.

  •  Monaco: On 29 december 2020, a letter from the Office of HSH the Sovereign Prince addressed the Emperor as "Augustus" and referred to him as the "Leader of Pavlov" implying recognition of Pavlov's monarchy, her Imperial status and government.


  1. The Russian Federation is known by the Pavlovian government as Muscovy