Pavlovian Senate

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FoundedMay 29, 2019 (2019-05-29)
HIM Emperor Alexander IV
since 12 June 2020
Dvcissa Helena Alexandra filia Kirsanova
Comes Edvardvs Robertvs filivs Gvndervs
Seats10 Senators
Based on status as Consort of the Monarch, Heir to the Throne or appointment to the Senatorial rank by the Monarch
Meeting place

The Senate, or also known in Ukrainian as the Сенат, is the legislative body of the Empire of Pavlov. The Senate has the right to draft new Acts which were then subject to the consent of the Monarch. The Senate also provided the Monarch with non-binding advice, and has to power to dethrone a Monarch on certain conditions.


Portrait Name Term of office
Dionisiy.jpg HIM Emperor Alexander IV & VI 12 June 2020 - Present
Yaroslav Mar.jpg HIH Tsesarevych Jaroslav Alexandrovych 12 June 2020 - Present
Krishtofvondrakon.jpg HS Duke Khrystofor Slavomyrovych Drakonov 12 June 2020 - Present
NedPortrait.png HI Count Eduard Robertovych Gunderov 12 June 2020 - Present
HI Count Äsghär Daniilovych Rzayev 12 June 2020 - Present
HS Duchess Helena Aleksandrivna Kirsanova 12 June 2020 - Present
Ismetcansarac.jpg The Well Born Baron Modest Ahmetovych Saradzhev 12 June 2020 - Present
The Well Born Baron Fyodor Borysovych Saradzhev 12 June 2020 - Present
60px HM Despot Ivan Brienskyj 22 June 2020 - Present


Acts of the Senate are laws passed by the Senate. They are the primary means of legislation and could overturn other law Acts of the Senate.

Acts of the Senate are proposed by a member of the body, after which they may be debated and amended. For an act to pass, 50% + 1 vote of all members must give their approval to the Act. It then passed on to the Monarch, who chose whether or not to grant Consent to the Act - if Consent is given, the Act becomes law.