Pavlovian Consuls

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Consuls of Pavlov
Dvcissa Helena Alexandra filia Kirsanova

since 17 fEBRUARYJanuary 2022
AppointerFaithful Pavlovian Emperor
at HIM's absolute discretion
Term length1 calendar year
SalaryP₴0,00 per month

The Consul acts as Head of Government of the Empire of Pavlov. While the Empire is an autocracy in many ways, the Basic law of the Empire was written so that many of the Monarchs prerogatives can be used at will of the Consuls. The Consuls and Senate are two distinctive Roman governmental features Pavlov has. Unlike in many contemporary constitutional monarchies, the Monarch is not banned from serving as Head of Government in Pavlov. The term of a Consul is one year.

Powers and functions

According to the Basic Law of the Empire, the Consuls are responsible for overseeing the activities of the Government and coordinating it's work. They also act as president pro tempore of the Senate. In case of a Regency, if there is no appointed Heir, one of the Consuls shall serve as the Regent. Consuls have the power to issue Government orders which regulate the work of the Pavlovian Government, the ruling Consul can always be vetoed by his non-ruling collegue.

The First and Second consuls do not defer in function, and the one is not of higher rank than the other. The First consul rules in January, March, May, July, September and November while the Second consul rules in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Consuls are immune and can not be arrested or tried for a crime while in office, they can also not be charged for any crimes committed in office.

List of Consuls

Year First Consul Second Consul
2020 Dvx Christophoros Sclagamarvs filivs Drakon
Until 18 August 2020
Comes Edvardvs Robertvs filivs Gvndervs
Until 9 October 2020
Dvcissa Helena Alexandra filia Kirsanova
From 18 August 2020
Dominus Iohannes Gavrijil filius Brienorum Rex
From 9 October 2020
2021 Mariia Georgia Fillia Augusta Dvcissa Helena Alexandra filia Kirsanova
2022 Dvcissa Helena Alexandra filia Kirsanova