Nedlando-Khorașanese Union of Former Colonial Possessions

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Nedlando-Khorașanese Union of Former Colonial Possessions

Flag of FCT.png
Coat-of-arms- Nedlando-Khorașan.png
Coat of arms

Capital Tuwangalu
Demonym Nedlando-Khorașani
Languages English
Religion Chalcedonian Christianity
Ethnic groups

80.62% Aziks
13.18% Pavlovians
4.65% Kolkarians
0.78% Husetans
0.78% Hasanis

Government Constitutional monarchy
-Prince Dionisiy I
-Grand Vizier Ned Gunderson

Legislature None

Established 16 August 2017
Area Unknown
Population 129 (3 July 2019)
Currency Nedlandic francmark

This nation is a part of the Pavlovian Union.

The Nedlando-Khorașanese Union of Former Colonial Possessions, also known as simply NKUFCP or the Former Colonial Possessions, are a centralized union of certain former territorial possessions of the Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan. As of 2017, its population was officially 127. It claims territory in China, Montenegro, Spain, Algeria, Antarctica, Mexico, and Croatia.

Administrative divisions

Vəlāyats of the NKUFCP
Flag and coat of arms Name and abbreviation Capital Foundation Population (2019) Governor
Flag of South Azikistan.png
SouthAzikiCoat of Arms.gif
Azikistan AZ Tuwangalu 18 February 2013 104 Shady Morsi
Flag of Nedlandic Hasanistan.png Coat-of-arms- Nedlando-Khorașan.png Chakaristan CH Chakarsk 2016 1 Hasan Çakar
Flag-of-the-isles-pavlov.png Royal-coa-the-isles.png Isles IL Trijtsjaslav 26 November 2016 1 Dolat Mamatjan
Kanifa.png Kanifa Arms.png Kanifa KA Kanifa City 8 June 2014 0 Emiel Hardy
Flag of Kolkaria.png Coat of Arms of Kolkaria 2011-2012.png Kolkaria KO Jesduras 2008 6 Shady Morsi
Flag of Ledjanoj Ostrov.png Ledjanoj-coat-of-arms.jpg Ledjanoj Ostrov LO Yaroslavl'-na-Ledjana 2014 13 Alexander Karapavlovič
Flag of Macita.png Coa of Macita.png Macita MA Malenk 2013 0 NG
Flag of Montrouge.jpg Royal-coa-montrouge.png Montrouge MR None 3 January 2013 3 Isabel de la Fuente
Flag-of-tsardom-of-psatura.png PsaturaCOA.png Psatura PS Arsura Sakae 2013 0 Shady Morsi
Flag of Qërimoğulları-.jpeg Royal-coat-of-arms-qerimogullari.png Qërimoğulları QM Qyteti i Kunës 23 October 2016 0 Cazimir Qërimbasy
Flag-zhuyskov.png Zhuyskov-Coat-Arms.png Zhuyskov ZH Imiyelgrad 22 November 2014 1 Emiel Hardy