Nedlandic Americans

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Nedlandic Americans
Total population
.000000021%-.000000055% of the US population
Regions with significant populations
Washington, D.C. Area



Christianity, Sunni Islam

Nedlandic Americans (Šlovedkian: Nidpudské Emirečenee) are citizens or residents of the United States who have total or partial Nedlandic ancestry. They form the largest community of Nedlandic diaspora, followed by Nedlanders in Paravia and Nedlanders in Mahuset. The first major wave of Nedlandic immigration to the US took place several months after the founding of Nedland, when several citizens revoked their citizenships, and in this way immigrated to the US in a de facto manner. Most Nedlanders already lived within the Washington, D.C. Area before their admittance into Nedland, and thus the largest and only community of Nedlandic Americans is centered in the area. Over the next two years, it is thought that several more Nedlanders immigrated to the United States, bringing a rough estimate to around 18 people of Nedlandic nationality living within American sovereign borders.

Notable Nedlandic Americans