Nedlandic Humanytaria

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Nedlandic Humanytaria
Country Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Nedland
Vəlāyat Anketlər
Created4 May 2016
Founded byRadia Crann
 • BegRadia Crann
 (15 August 2017)
 • Total0

Nedlandic Humanytaria, also known as Nedlandic L19, is a department of Nedlando-Khorasan. It is made up of half of the original Paravian dependency of L19, and consists of three history classrooms in Radia Crann's high school in rural Midlands, UK. It was granted by Crann to Ned Gunderson, and was previously part of the Republic of Humanytaria prior to November 2015.

L19 was originally founded as a Paravian dependency split in governance between the regions of Paravia and Nedland. After Nedland went defunct, the three history classrooms were officially in a state of anarchy with most of Nedland, until May 4 when all of Nedland was reunited under the Republic. On May 13, Nedlandic Humanytaria's status as a dependency was made official.