Order of the Star and Rose

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Order of the Star and Rose
Awarded by Ned Gunderson
Established29 July 2015
HeadNed Gunderson
First induction29 July 2015
Total inductees14

The Order of the Star and Rose (Cyrillic: Ордр ов да стар амд роз) was a Nedlandic Chivalric order. It was founded on 29 July 2015 by then Nedlandic president Ned Gunderson as the Order of the Star and Rose, which made him the head of the order. After his disappearance however in November 2015 the leadership role of the order was up in the air until Emperor Patrick I of Paravia decided to take control of the order of December 25. However, this was intermicronationally illegal, and the Order of the Star and Rose was reclaimed from Paravia on May 7, 2016. On 4 June 2019, Gunderson disbanded the order, due to the fact that Nedland was no longer an entity, and that there was no longer a need for him to knight people.

Recipients at the time of dissolution


Name Nation Date of Receiving
Ned Gunderson  Nedland 29 July 2015

Great Knights

Name Cyrillic name Nation Date of Receiving
Mike Lewis Мајк Луис  Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 25 May 2016
Stephen Freayth Стивин Фрејф  Abeldane Empire 25 May 2016
Emiel Hardy Емил Харди  Confederation of Mahuset 26 Aug 2016
Patrick Renwick Патрик Ренвик  Empire of Paravia 8 November 2016
Michael Ònff Мајкл Јонф  Empire of Paravia 26 May 2017
Lucas Campos Лукас Кампос  State of Koss 26 May 2017
Nikola Jovanović Никола Јовановић  Kingdom of Coria 16 June 2017


Name Cyrillic name Nation Date of Receiving
Michel Vichat Мишел Виша  Republic of Padrhom 25 May 2016
Michal Nowacki Мајкл Новачки  Nedland 28 May 2016
Richard Hytholoday Ричрд Хифолодеј  Mercia 7 November 2016
Ava Neasa Арт'м'мис Бери Ланфрд  Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 27 May 2017
Pavle Nikolić Павл Николић  Nedland 13 July 2017


Name Cyrillic name Nation Date of Receiving
John Gordon Џан Гордн  Federal Republic of Breckland 10 June 2016

Former Recipients

Name Cyrillic name Nation Original Title Date of Receiving Date of Reversion
Leon Williamson Лијан Вилијамсон  Tsardom of Nolland Knight 30 July 2015 5 October 2015
James-Robert Knight Џејмз-Рабрт Најт  Commonwealth of Vyktory Great Knight 30 July 2015 15 October 2015
Markus Abernathy Маркус Абрнафи  Holy Empire of New Israel Commander 10 September 2015 20 November 2015
Liam Raymond Лиј'м Рејмнд  Democratic Republic of Cattopia Commander 25 May 2016 26 May 2017
Fionnbarra Ó Cathail Фјонбарра О Катхејл  Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata Knight 25 May 2016 26 May 2017
Gabriel N. Pelger Гејбријел Н. Пелгр  Empire of Paravia Knight 25 May 2016 26 May 2017
James Frisch Џејмз Фриш  Principality of Beacon City Knight 25 December 2015 Revoked via OIS