Democratic Republic of Cattopia

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Democratic Republic of Cattopia
Cattopian Flag.png

Capital cityDukos County
Official language(s)English (Unofficial)
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameCattopia
DemonymCattopian - Inhabitant(s)
GovernmentParliamentary republic & direct democracy
LegislatureCat Imperium
Established2nd May, 2016

Cattopia, officially the Democratic Republic of Cattopia is a micronation founded on 2 May, 2016.


Cattopia is pronounced mainly either Cat-topia or Cah-Toh-Pea, though the current Chancellor, Liam Raymond, prefers the latter.


Cattopia emerged after an argument between Chancellor Raymond and his mother on 2 May on whether or not he could build cat shelves. In protest to her "no", Chancellor Raymond declared independence and founded the Democratic Republic of Cattopia. The first document was then created for Cattopia, declaring independence. Later that same day, the Flag of Cattopia was designed by Chancellor Raymond to be the national flag flown in Cattopia.


Cat Imperium

Cat Imperium MU 1.png

The Cat Imperium consists of 3 elected members from the three counties. The Cat Imperium currently consists of one member of the Social Militarist Party who is neutral, and two members of the Progressive Green Alliance who act as the government within Cattopia.

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats in Government
Cat Imperium
Progressive Green Alliance Progressive Green Alliance (Cattopia).png PGA Chancellor Liam Raymond MG Left Green and Red
2 / 3
Social Militarist Party SMP Cattopia Logo.png SMP Grand Marshal Josh Carey MG Left Green and Black
1 / 3


Cattopian culture is essentially the same as English culture, though a tradition of cat puns was started by a prominent member and has stuck since then. However, Chancellor Raymond is very interested in developing a unique Cattopian culture independent from the English culture.


Religion in Cattopia

Religion isn't really an important aspect within Cattopia though despite this a survey was conducted to determine the religions of the populous. Note that Atheist-Spiritual refers to any one who does not believe in a god though does believe in some other religious belief, for example reincarnation. This option was included due to two prominent citizens of Cattopia believing in reincarnation and past lives. Additionally, Cat Cult was included due to the lack of knowledge to what Cats believe in and so the two cat inhabitants were immediately added to the Cat Cult category.