Progressive Green Alliance (Cattopia)

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Progressive Green Aliance
PresidentLiam Raymond
Founded17th May 2016
HeadquartersDokus County
Membership  (2016)2
IdeologyGreen Politics, Big Tent
Political positionLeft
Official colorsGreen and Red
Cat Imperium
2 / 3

The Progressive Green Alliance is the Cattopian governing political party and was established on the 17th May, 2016 by Chancellor Liam Raymond. The party mainly focuses on socialist and green policies.

Policies and Ideology

The general political position of the PGA

The Progressive Green Alliance, as stated above, focuses on socialist and green policies. However, the PGA is very much a big tent party encompassing many different ideologies. Another main ideology of the PGA is transhumanism which focuses on the betterment of humankind with the use of technology. Additionally, the Progressive Green Alliance is, as the name states, a progressive party and supports secularism, equal marriage rights, pro-choice, as well as many other progressive, liberal policies and ideas. Economy wise, it supports intervention and subsidization of business by the government.