Federal Republic of Breckland

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Federal Republic of Breckland
Flag of Federal Republic of Breckland
Coat of arms of Federal Republic of Breckland
Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom, Liberty, Peace
Anthem: National Anthem
LocationUnited Kingdom
CapitalReagan D.J
Largest cityMontgomery
Official languagesEnglish German
GovernmentFederal Presidential Constitutional Republic
• President
John Gordon
• Vice President
Micheal Brazaeu
House of Representatives
Establishment29 January 2014
• Census
Pending Census
Time zoneGMT
Preceded by
Breckland Empire
Federal Republic of Breckland
The Federal Republic is a member of the IMCWC and UAMW

The Federal Republic of Breckland or its short name Breckland was a federal republic composed of 4 states, 1 federal district, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, claiming land in the United Kingdom. It is governed as a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic.


Foundation Era

The Kingdom of Breckland was founded sometime in January 2014 by the old king John I as the Kingdom of Breckland, He stepped down as king after a discussion with Aleksandr Karapavlovic about possible government types and they both agreed that a monarchy would be best as republics are difficult to maintain with very few people, therefor a Constitutional Monarchy was decided therefor ending the Transitional Period. In march King Alexander abdicated the throne, thus triggering a constitutional crisis within the Kingdom, the Prime Minister then made emergency measures to ensure stability and smooth running of government by making government a temporary federal system while a new king can be found.

After the events above Breckland has gone through several changes: A fascist republic, a democratic presidential republic which then transitioned into the current First Breckland Empire. The Emperor decided it would be better to become a Monarchy as the democracy didn't work, due to low participation and not enough citizens. The Kingdom of Breckland is influenced by Medieval Culture and Customs.


Breckland is a Constitutional Feudal Monarchy, the current King is Jonathan Augustus. The Hand of the King is Head of Government which answers to the Small Council, which could be seen as the country' legislation, has the task of providing the monarch with advice and advising on legislation and law. The Small Council is elected by the people every 6 months along with the Chancellor


  • Master of House – This person is responsible for maintaining and guarding the borders of the Empire, and keeping a census on all the residents and subjects of Breckland.
  • Grand Maester- in charge of the judicial system, including: Regional and Crown courts.
  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard – is responsible for the co-ordination of the regional banner-men and the Kingsgaurd and deployment into confrontations and security duties.
  • Master of Coin – In charge of the finances of the realm and keeping ledgers of the crowns finances.
  • Ministry for Culture and Media - In charge of promoting and building the culture of The Five Kingdoms. In charge of state owned news outlets.

Presidents of the Federal Republic

Portrait Name Party Term of Office Notes Government
I John Gordon Republican Party 12 November 2017 - 14 December 2017 Serving as Acting President until Presidential Elections

Members of the Federal Government

Portfolio Minister
President John Gordon
Vice President Micheal Brazeau
Chief Justice Jonathan Augustus
Secretary of State John Gordon
Secretary of Defence Mike Lewis
Secretary of Homeland Security John Gordon
Secretary of Media and Culture Patrick Renwick
Secretary of the Interior Micheal Brazaeu


The Imperial Army is seen as the official armed forces of the First Breckland Empire. It is split up into three subdivisions: The Praetorian Guard, Imperial Guard and The Imperium Legion

Symbols and Flags of Breckland

Foreign Relations

Nations that have active diplomatic relations the Five Kingdoms

Nations with unilateral recognition