Federal Republic of Breckland

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Federal Republic of Breckland
Bundesrepublik Breckland
République fédérale d'Breckland


Coat of Arms

Nos simus fidentes in nobis
English: We Trust in Ourselves
For the state
United Kingdom
Capital city New Haven
Largest city Denton
Official language(s) English
Short name Breckland
Demonym Brecklandic
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic One-party state
- Federal Chancellor John Gordon
Legislature Breckland Federal Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established 29 January 2016
Population 20 (January 2013)
Currency Great British Pound
Time zone GMT
National sport Football

Official website

Breckland officially the Federal Republic of Breckland or Parliamentary Republic of Breckland Latter is rarely used was a Federal One Party Parliamentary micronation located in the British Isles. The Charter of the Kingdom of Breckland ruled that the Federal Republic was illegitimate and illegal.


The Federal Republic of Breckland was founded sometime in January 2016 by the then Chancellor John Gordon,


Breckland is a Federal Parliamentary One Party Republic. The Head of State is the position of Chancellor.


  • Federal Interior Ministry - overseen by the Supreme Emperor, it is responsible for maintaining and guarding the borders of the republic, and keeping a census on all the residents of Breckland. The Breckland Police is also run via this office.
  • Federal Ministry of Justice - in charge of the judicial system, including: County Court and Supreme Courts.
  • Ministry of Defence - led by General Talzuk, responsible for the armed forces of breckland and the implementation of defence policy in government. It also works with the Treasury to fund the armed forces.
  • Foreign Ministry - In charge of the reputation of Breckland overseas and maintaining diplomatic relations with other micronations.

Chancellors of the Federal Republic of Breckland

Portrait Name Party Term of Office Notes Government
I Chancellorshield.png John Gordon 27 April 2015 - 1 February 2016 First and Last Chancellor of the Federal Republic

Members of Government

Portfolio Minister
Chancellor John Gordon
Minister for Defence General Adam Borrer
Federal Interior Minister John Gordon
Federal Minister of Justice Adam Borrer
Foreign Minister John Gordon

Symbols and Flags of Palasia

Foreign Relations

Nations with Informal Relations (Mutual Recognition)

Formal Relations (Treaty Signed)

Nations with unilateral recognition