Rajahnate of West Buryakia

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Rajahnate of West Buryakia
Flag of West Buryakia.png Flag

Capital city Ulan-Bördös
Largest city Ulan-Bördös
Official language(s) Buryak
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym West Buryak
- Emperor Bilal
- Raja Ned Greiner
Legislature N/A
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 11
- Last election - n/a
Established March 2017
Area claimed 1 ft2
Population 0
Currency N/A
This nation is a protected state of the Shorewellese Empire, and a part of the Nedlandic Commonwealth realm.

The Rajahnate of West Buryakia is a protected state of Shorewell, and is administered by Ned Greiner. It claims one square foot of highway asphalt that was originally carved out of the district of Buryakia in New Rogaland, Nedland. It is also a part of the Nedlandic Commonwealth realm, and free travel between Nedland and West Buryakia is frequently practiced. It was previously a state of the Desi Empire, before being granted independence on July 20, 2017, following ratification of the Treaty of Madaz-a-Maloom wherein West Buryakia was converted into a protected state of Shorewell.