Armed Forces of Shorewell

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Armed Forces of Shorewell
Coat of Arms
Founded18 May 2016
Service branchesImperial Army of Shorewell
Imperial Navy of Shorewell
Imperial Air Force of Shorewell
Imperial Guard of Shorewell
Commander-in-ChiefBilal I, Emperor of Shorewell

The Armed Forces of Shorewell consist of all the military units along with their commanders of the Shorewellese Empire. With the foundation of the nation, the Armed Forces were established for national defense and other military endeavors. Since most military operations micronationally can not be conducted, the Shorewellese Armed Forces remain more ceremonial and are there for the protection of the country in the event it is in danger. Overall, the use of the Armed Forces of Shorewell internationally remains low, but they strictly enforce laws within their borders.

Service Branches