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Shorewellese culture is the example of human action and imagery connected with the Shorewellese Empire and its kin. It is a principally Western culture vigorously affected by the culture of the United States and the culture of Pakistan , however by the by staying one of a kind to the individuals who distinguish as Shorewellese. It has been molded since the establishment of the Empire by the traditions, thoughts, and commitments of the individuals who have joined or been connected with Shorewell.


The Library of Emeralds operates four languages, two which are national, and the other two which have have cultural uproots in Shorewell. They are: Biljish, English, Urdu, and Arabic.



With diversity as different as its general public, dietary patterns endure coordinate impact of Indian sub-continential cooking. It comprises of extraordinary delights from all of Europe and after that common Indo-Pakistani style Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tikka Masala with Tandoori Naan. The Shorewellese cooking is set apart by the prominent utilization of meat and rice in large portions of its conventional dishes.

National symbols

The National Symbols of Shorewell are things which are significant, agent or generally normal for Shorewell or Shorewellese culture. Some are built up, authority symbols; for instance, the Imperial Arms of Shorewell, which has been classified in heraldry. Different images might not have official status, for some reason, however are in like manner perceived at a national or global level.

National holidays

Shorewell, being a socially differing and intense society, celebrates different occasions and celebrations. There are three national holidays in Shorewell: Foundation Day on 18 May, Eid al-Fitr (evaluated for 25 June 2017), and Eid al - Adha (assessed for 1 September 2017). Urban communities have nearby celebrations relying upon pervasive religious and semantic demographics


In Shorewell people wear clothing from India to Turkey to London. However, in formal meetings, to keep protocol, people usually wear the tie dress with a mix of Turkish/Arabic dresses.


On 18 May 2016, when Shorewell was founded, the King established the Order of Peace. It is one of the highest honors in the Empire, given to those who promote or advocate peace and justice.


Throughout the Shorewellese Empire, many sports are played, some on a national level, and some just as private people rally up in teams. Some notables sports that are played are: Swimming (The national Sport), Bicycling, Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, and Table Tennis.

It is important to note here that like most other nations around the world, Shorewell considers the American football as rugby, baseball as cricket, and soccer as football.


Shorewellese National Football Team
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