Department for Foreign Relations (Shorewell)

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Department for Foreign Relations
Department overview
Formed18 May 2016
JurisdictionShorewellese Empire
Minister responsible
  • Talha Ghazi

The Department for Foreign Relations of the Shorewellese Empire was founded right since the start due to the need of diplomatic relations with other nations. In the months following the start of the Empire of Shorewell, the General Assembly issued many times statements regarding the tightening of policies, requirements, and needs for diplomatic relations with other nation. An alliance, non-aggression, and mutual recognition can only be granted through a signing of a treaty. However, the Empire does grant state of friendships with other nations without the signing of a treaty, usually conducted through a declaration.

The Shorewellese Empire has friendly diplomatic relationships with many nations, and its doors are always open to more.

Foreign policy

The Shorewellese Foreign policy is a multitude of ideas and precedents set by the Monarch and government. It is rendered to be a rather strict policy by some, as it contains the ideology of domestic interests before international interests. Additionally, Shorewell is well-known to not grant alliances without a heavy interest or cooperation agreement with another nation. Mutual recognition is established with a variety of micronations, however, the nation must be deemed well established and well-off in diplomatic affairs.


Imperium is considered the possession of the imperial rank of Emperors. The Shorewellese Imperium ideology holds elevated view of the Emperor, as it finds that all Emperors should be able to trace recognition of their imperial rank from the Roman Emperors. Shorewellese Foreign policy heavily revolves Imperium and the method of recognizing other Imperial ranks. Multiple treaties have been signed with nations that claim to have Emperors, however, provisions of Shorewell recognizing the said status have not been commonly instituted, thus not granting recognition of the imperial rank even if the signatories are addressed as emperor's for the sake of protocol.

The Shorewellese Imperium ideology holds many resemblances with the Austenasian Imperial ideology.

Organizational membership

Flag/Logo Organisation Member Since
Union Against Micronational War 16 June 2016
International Agricultural Development Pact 24 August 2016
Micronational Economic Group 27 August 2016
Grand Unified Micronational 16 September 2016
(as an observer state)
24 October 2016
(as a full member state)

Diplomatic relations

Allies/Non-aggression/Mutual acknowledgments/Friendship

Formal Name Begin Date of Relations Status of Relations
 Commonwealth of Lumania 13 June 2016 Alliance
 Confederation of Renfrew 28 June 2016 Alliance
 Kingdom of New France 5 July 2016 Alliance
Republic of Smithville 18 July 2016 Alliance
 Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell 24 July 2016 Non-aggression
 Empire of Imvrassia 1 August 2016 Alliance
Democratic States of Etruscan Federation 22 August 2016 Alliance
 Kingdom of Überstadt 1 October 2016 Non-aggression
Popular Union of Occitania 2 October 2016 Mutual Recognition
 Karnia-Ruthenia 20 October 2016 Mutual Recognition
 Kingdom of Eniarku 15 November 2016 Mutual Recognition
 Reylan Imperial Triumvirate 18 November 2016 Mutual Recognition
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 20 November 2016 Friendship
 Austenasia 22 November 2016 Friendship
 State of Koss 24 November 2016 Mutual Recognition
 Commonwealth of Uskor 2 March 2017 Mutual Recognition
 Republic of Ashukovo 10 May 2017 Alliance
 Confederation of Mahuset 26 May 2017 Mutual Recognition
 Kingdom of Wyvern 1 June 2017 Mutual Recognition
 Commonwealth of Esse 5 June 2017 Mutual Recognition
 Kingdom of Jupiter 27 July 2017 Non-aggression
 Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan 12 August 2017 Mutual Recognition
 Republic of Glastieve 16 August 2017 Alliance
 Greater Sakasarian Reich 30 December 2017 Mutual Recognition
 Aarianian Union of North America 25 January 2018 Mutual Recognition
 United Kingdoms of The Danube and New Flanders and Her Commonwealth 22 June 2018 Mutual Recognition