Economy of Shorewell

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Economy of Shorewellese Empire
Currency Shorewellese Dinar (SD) (دينار)
Fixed exchange rates 0.00014270744$ = دينار1
Fiscal year 18 May 2016 - 18 May 2017
Trade organisations Micronational Economic Group and the International Agricultural Development Pact
GDP 1,545,119,100دينار (FY 2016)
GDP growth N/A
GDP per capita 25,751,985دينار (FY 2016)
Inflation 0%
below poverty line
Labour force 19
Labour force
by occupation
Agriculture: 0%
Industry: 10.53%%
Services: 89.47%
Unemployment 21.05% (as of October 2016)
Average gross salary 0دينار
Median gross salary oدينار
Average net salary 0دينار
Median net salary 0دينار
Main industries Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Business and professional services, Chemicals, Construction, Trade, Tourism, Hydroelectric power, Geothermal power, Construction, Media
Ease of Doing Business Rank 1
Export goods Food and manufactured goods
Main export partners United States, Flag of Pakistan.png Pakistan, and Microagpact.png IADP members
Import goods Fuel, food & drink, household goods and appliances, clothing
Main import partners United States, Flag of Pakistan.png Pakistan, and Microagpact.png IADP members
FDI stock 35,036,714.2857دينار
Current account 145,897دينار
Gross external debt 0دينار
Public finances
Public debt 0دينار
Budget deficit 0دينار
Revenues 0دينار
Expenses 3,503,671.42857دينار
Economic aid 0دينار
Foreign reserves 99,360دينار
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in Shorewellese Dinars

The Economy of the Shorewellese Empire is highly undeveloped and relies heavily upon the Economy of the United States. There are currently very few imposed regulations on the Shorewellese economy and only several businesses operate there. Important sectors of this Economy include agricultural production and trade, along with other industries such as tourism, trade, and manufacturing.

Economic Structure and Sectors

  • Agriculture is an important growing and contributing sector in the Shorewellese Economy. Many different farms throughout the nation work increasingly upon agricultural produce, which though not a self-sustainable resource for living, has contributed largely towards the development of the food industry and has significantly decreased poverty rates.
  • Tourism is currently a project undergoing with the Shorewellese Empire as the Government hopes to increase Tourism to add towards and important industry of the nation to help with the nation's economic and political growth.



While there are several industries operating in Shorewell, most of them do not export their products, and those that do are usually given away for free. Currently, only the food and agricultural industries are able to provide money to the Empire.


The Empire is totally dependent to the United States for assets and products. Most sustenance, utilities, fuel, attire and general products are foreign. These are paid for with cash earned through vocation in the US, implying that the whole economy of Shorewell relies on upon that of the US.

Ever since the Shorewellese Empire joined the International Agricultural Development Pact it has been working increasingly on importing good from other micronations possibly though many Governmental figures hold firm objections towards the proposal.

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