Politics of Shorewell

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Shorewellese Empire

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His Imperial Majesty's Government

The Shorewellese Empire is fully defined as a unitary semi-constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch is the head of state and the Grand Vizier acts as the appointed head of government. Executive power is exercised by His Imperial Majesty's Government, on behalf of and by the consent of the sovereign, primarily by the General Assembly and Privy Council and its subordinate agencies. Legislative power is vested in the General Assembly of Shorewell. The judiciary is a unique combination of the Crown, HIM's Government, and the General Assembly of Shorewell.

The Crown

The Shorewellese Monarch, presently Sultan Bilal I, is the Chief of State of the Empire. By excellence of this position, the Crown is the wellspring of all executive power over the Government and the regions guaranteed by it. These powers are known as imperial prerogative, and can be utilized for any purpose, however the current monarch tends to appoint these powers to other agencies of the government.

According to the Constitution of Shorewell, the monarch has the following powers:

Domestic Powers

  • The power to dismiss and appoint a Prime Minister
  • The power to dismiss and appoint other ministers
  • The power to summon, prorogue and dissolve the General Assembly
  • The power to grant or refuse Imperial Assent to bills (making them valid and law)
  • The power to commission officers in the Armed Forces
  • The power to command the Armed Forces of the Empire of Shorewell
  • The power to appoint members to the Sultan's Counsel
  • The power to issue and withdraw passports
  • The power to grant Prerogative of mercy
  • The power to grant honors
  • The power to create corporations via Imperial Charter

Foreign Powers

  • The power to ratify and make treaties
  • The power to declare War and Peace
  • The power to deploy the Armed Forces overseas
  • The power to recognize states
  • The power to credit and receive diplomats


Executive power in Shorewell is exercised by the sovereign, Sultan Bilal I, typically via His Imperial Majesty's Government and other national authorities.

His Imperial Majesty's Government

In spite of the fact that the monarch holds supreme control over the state in principle (not practiced by and by), the Sultan or Sultana ordinarily selects senior government authorities to do his or her obligations for the sake of the Crown. The legislature, by tradition, is picked by the ruler from individuals from the General Assembly, which itself is made out of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies and different authorities selected to speak to managerial areas or straightforwardly by the Crown for another reason. Regularly, the monarch is probably going to choose secretaries who can charge nearness and viably adjust the general assembly choices to those of the government. The subordinate offices of these clergymen make the structure of the administration.